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  1. frieda

    Job prospects for Law/Science

    If you like maths then I can suggest you do commerce or economics and major in statistics/econometrics. Science/Law is a bit more rare, and I think that firms that deal with more 'sciencey' aspects of law (such as climate-change, dust-diseases actions, pharmaceutical patents) are more or less...
  2. frieda

    2/3u Maths, Eco and Legal Studies Tutoring - State Ranking w/ 99.85UAI

    Bumping. Also offering Business Statistics A (ECMT1010 USYD / QMA UNSW) tutoring. In terms of marks I received 87 for stats A and 91 for stats B.
  3. frieda

    HSC Economic Tutor needed

    Hey Moroko would you consider tutoring in burwood or at sydney uni? If so, email me at Check out my thread for more details.
  4. frieda

    2/3u Maths, Eco and Legal Studies Tutoring - State Ranking w/ 99.85UAI

    99.85UAI, DUX FSHS, State Ranking, Maths 2u, Eco, Legal Studies and Stats Tutoring Hey All! Ever wanted an experienced, motivated, flexible and high achieving tutor who can actually speak English and teach? Well I think that I'm the one for you :) I'm an experienced tutor who has taught...
  5. frieda

    USYD Law '09 Roll Call

    Yup eco/law - just got the confirmation of enrolment yay! congratulations to everyone else and I might see you at the faculty welcome :)
  6. frieda

    2008 HSC School Rankings

    Re: Top 200 Schools - Daily Telegraph oh man, fshs massive drop! :(
  7. frieda


    Ah I talked about like you how pomo subverted original ways of thinking by aiming to be individual in their technique, while at the same time psotmodern texts often use similar techniques which paradoxically makes them unoriginal. I hope I don't confuse the examiners haha
  8. frieda

    Question 7

  9. frieda

    Section II : Short Answer

    hmm for the TNC one i wrote about 'race to the bottom', and just kinda assumed this was happening in India lol.
  10. frieda

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Re: Multiple choice answers Sorry guys who think 7 is A, as i am pretty sure it is C. The key to this question is that it asks for the INITIAL impact, this can be derived from looking at the long run philips curve. Go here and scroll down to "Nairu...
  11. frieda

    Q6 is King's Court, Heinermann Defintion:

    Sorry guys, it's definitely chancellor's court, I've done this question before.
  12. frieda

    Legal Studies: Indictable and Summary Offences

    I gave exactly the same examples, but didn't outline what type of offence it was, they didnt really ask and it was one mark each. I did say something about how summary is less serious while indictable is serious though in each.
  13. frieda

    Family- a) or b)

    I did b as well although i think the difficulty of both were around the same really. Just depends what you studied! haha
  14. frieda

    "Hell Week"

    (just had legal yesterday) Mon = maths adv tues = eco wed = maths ext1 thurs = ext eng but then i have a week until art (my last) which will be happy times!
  15. frieda

    Multiple choice answers

    My Conclusions: In relation to question 5 I am quite sure it is C, because education is only a right under the Education Acts (can't remember what year), all the rest are enshrined in the consitution, some people may have gotten confused because B refers to "the right to acquisition of...
  16. frieda

    Economics... Are you guys ready for the exam..?

    hey heads up supposedly some people are banking on an environment question.. so make sure you know what ESD is!
  17. frieda

    Multiple choice answers

    LOL liam i didn't know you were on here. Damn you know i'm thinking 13 is B now :(
  18. frieda

    How much did you write for each extended response?

    Family is on the spot for me because it is too hard to predict questions. However, I've done a few essay plans over the year and learnt cases, statistics and quotes. World Order i basically memorised an essay plan because the questions are similar every year. Obviously I had to adjust it a...