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    Hey all, I am very interested in doing Physiotherapy in Canberra or Brisbane. I know I won't meet the ATAR requirements for either so am considering doing a Exercise Physiology degree then transferring after a year. Is this a bad decision? I'll put in so much effort in first year but am so...
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    Hey all, Can anyone tell me if HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP are the same thing? Is it possible to have both? And is there a limit for both of them? As I am wanting to do an undergrad psych degree then honours then my masters. So can I HECS my undergrad then FEE-HELP my Masters? If that makes any...
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    I have been told by a few people now that you only work in auditing if you can't get a job in any other accounting firm/specialties. Can anyone confirm if there is any truth to this?
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    Employment while at uni

    Hi all! What are your opinions on being unemployed while at uni? Does it look bad to future employers? I only ask because my work has gone bankrupt so I no longer have a job. I am considering focusing really hard on my first semester at uni and doing some volunteer work. Would this be ok? Or...
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    Accounting Degree

    Hi all! So I am starting an Accounting degree this year with csu and want to do a joint study. Which joint study would be most beneficial for a career after graduation? My ultimate goal is forensic accounting but I just want to know which out of the following is more employable. - Finance -...
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    Moving for uni?

    Okay, so I am in a bit of a dilemma. I can either: move for uni (probably uws but la trobe is my back up) or stay at home for university. Does anyone have any experience with either? Is it true that you have more fun and independence if you move? Am very unsure what to do right now!
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    Hi! I am hoping to secure an Accounting Cadetship at the end of 2019 and was wondering which way you think will be better: A) Go to uni full time, get really involved in clubs, do volunteer work - this would mean quitting my current job as they wouldn't work together. Would look for casual...
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    Postgraduate Medicine

    Hi! I’m wanting to get into a postgrad medicine program. Is the best undergrad degree Biomed? Anyone got advice on which undergrad to do Plus, does HECS cover both undergrad + postgrad medicine? As I thought that there was a limit to how much of a HECS debt you can have and obviously medicine...
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    Hi! So I’m interested in becoming a physiotherapist. Does anyone know if it’s really hard to actually get a job after graduation? Am very curious about job prospects. Thanks
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    UMAT Prep

    Hey all! So I’ve decided I’m gonna try my luck at UMAT next year. I don’t really know where to start, I’ve seen a few practice questions and am quite overwhelmed. Anyone got any advice on where to start? Do I get a tutor?
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    Entry into Medicine

    So I am 22, currently studying a Diploma of Science and will finish half way through next year. I'd love to get undergraduate entry to Medicine in 2020. I was just wondering would they still go off my ATAR or would they go off my marks from my Diploma? And yes, I know I would need to do UMAT...
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    Best nursing degrees?

    Hi! Next year I am thinking of studying nursing in either Sydney or Melbourne. Does anyone know which one is better? Plus is it as hard as everyone says it is to get into grad programs?
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    Am I too old for uni?

    So I’ve been working in hospitality ever since leaving school but am looking into going to uni next year. I’ll be 23 at the start and a few people don’t think it’s a good idea as I’ll be like 26 or 27 when I finish and they believe that’s quite old and I should already have my life done...
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    Should I study Law?

    What is the best degree to study if you want to work with lobby groups, humanitarian aid, development projects etc.? Is a Law degree the best option? Or would it be best to a different degree that offers variety/more opportunities. All opinions welcome :D
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    HI!! My brother has just completed a Paramedicine degree. Struggling to find a job here, he wants to become a Paramedic overseas - anyone know any organisations/particular countries that take fresh Aussie graduates? (Preferably not the UK unless a sponsorship visa is offered). Thanks :D
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    Pathways to Medicine?

    Is FEE-HELP the same as HECS-HELP?
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    Pathways to Medicine?

    Thanks! Does anyone know if a Doctor of Medicine is covered under HECS-HELP?
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    Pathways to Medicine?

    Hi everyone! I have been doing a lot of research lately and would like to become a doctor and commence my studies beginning of 2019. I will be 22 at the time and was wondering what is the best way to get into medicine? Would my best bet be to study Biomedicine then study Medicine as a grad...
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    Is Macquarie Uni good?

    Hi all! I am thinking of going to Macquarie Uni next year to study Accounting. Although I have heard some really bad reviews about the uni. Can anyone give me their experience of the uni? Thanks :)
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    Is it true UON is really bad?

    I am looking into studying at UON next year and have a heard/read terrible things about the uni. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions of if its any good? And why? TIA :)