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    2010 MC question

    Just to clarify for those who search this question up: The key to this question is that △Y = △C + △S. To illustrate how we get there: We know that MPS = △S/△Y, and MPC = △C/△Y and that MPS + MPC = 1. Combining these two things, that means that △C/△Y + △S/△Y = 1, and if we multiply both sides...
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    Everyone: They asked basically nothing about the case study in 2015 so it will probably feature more in the 2016 paper. BOSTES:
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    Answers for Australia in the Global Economy Workbook 7th Edition

    Ive got a few copies of individual chapters. Which ones are you looking for?
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    Balance of Payments Q

    It depends what you mean by 'borrowing'. In a sense any form of capital inflow for investment is reversible and therefore can be seen as borrowing. However if you are just talking about loans that aren't for purchasing land, shares (portfolio), then they are probably just in the 'other...
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    Does anyone have HSC Economics Notes that I could please use? is the link
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    How much of prelim eco is in the HSC exams?

    What your teacher means is that many things in the preliminary course are in the HSC course, or at least the concepts are built upon in the HSC course. The HSC Examination only tests the HSC syllabus. There are many things that come up in both syllabuses e.g. fiscal and monetary policy.
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    HSC Economics 2016 essay question predictions?

    Eco teacher here. I'd be very, very wary about thinking that if a topic area was tested explicitly last year it won't be tested again the next year. There are many occasions where this has been done. For example: Question from 2013 "Explain the effects of Australia’s macroeconomic policy mix on...
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    HSC Economics 2016 essay question predictions?

    Unfortunately the BOS doesn't choose questions because of external events, though this would certainly be a more interesting way of doing it! Just like Glenny Stevens tries to hit 2-3% over the medium term, the Board of Studies exam committee seeks to test the entire syllabus vaguely equally...
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    Confused regarding competition policy

    Hi there. an economics teacher here. the main ways the competition policy and market failure are linked are not related to the environment, which people tend to assume is the main/only form of market failure. remember that market failure is any failure of the price mechanism to achieve an...
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    'Crowing out Effect'

    Nikkiglitzy is correct. Put more simply, if the government borrows domestically to fund a budget deficit, they're going to be taking loanable money away from other domestic borrowers. This is especially problematic in a country like Australia which has a really low savings rate because...
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    Trade Weighted Index

    Sorry I know this is probably irrelevant for your assignment now, but I think your confusion may come from the fact that the TWI is not actually a dollar figure, but rather an index. An index simply shows us recent movements in something compared to a point we picked in the past...