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    UNSW 2009 S2 Results Thread

    worst semester ever :'( COMP4906 Industrial Training 2........................15.00..........0...PE COMP9315 Database Systems Implementat'n......6.00....... 83..DN COMP9844 Ext Neural Networks..........................6.00........81..DN TERM WAM : 82.000 3978 Computer Science...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    <3 peter brown :o
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    interview help

    lol, I found that sentence hilarious don't you mean 8:30am though?
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    How important is 3u & 4u knowledge in math subjects?

    3 unit will help you with about 10% of first year first semester math, 3+4 unit will help with maybe 20-25%. The rest is completely new, and by second semester pretty much everyone is on equal footing.
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    engineering 1st yr flexi - courses?

    Yep, flexible first year engineering seems to be a way to attract the undecided people to enroll thinking that they're going have more choice and more time to decide. In fact, most people I know who have gone through with it after first/second year regret it because they were a bit too...
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    How important is 3u & 4u knowledge in math subjects?

    Your alias is Fermat and you didn't do any ext. maths? o.O If you're a reasonably clever and logical person with a bit of math knowledge, you'll be fine. As long as you learned the math and didn't just memorize the formulas.
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    girls @unsw commerce

    I see what you did there
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    electrical engineering

    The two and only coops I know in elec engg have HD averages, so maybe not for them :P
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    Best degrees for atheists who want to debate creationists?

    Not under Australian law :P Free Speech and the Constitution Free Speech & Defamation Yeah not that relevant to this discussion, but it seems to be a common misconception in Australia
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    Distribution of guys & girls @ UNSW

    med revue was pretty even this year with about half med/non-med people, but in the past yeah, it's mostly non-med people (a lot of past yellow shirts actually)
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    IT/Computers at UNI

    Depends on what kind of games developer. People think of games development and they think of big studio games sponsored by nvidia, featured on gamespot, starring vin diesel and only runs on a 32 core water cooled xbox. To get there you have to be really good, top of your class, already...
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    There are computers scanning random IPs all the time, not always for malicious reasons. Someone might have just decided to scan the some IP range with those ports. There is a lot of danger out there though. A windows XP computer with no service packs installed, and no...
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    Best course for programming?

    both SDD and IPT are completely useless. on SDD: * Most of it is boring, outdated, and irrelevant at least until you've worked for a couple years (who needs know to know about the 'water fall model'? who's going to understand it or care until you've actually done a bit of software...
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    I know a couple people doing computer science/law at unsw, so maybe consider doing that
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    Holy Mother Of All Internet Browsers

    Chrome and safari defintely have the fastest javascript engines. Just try running some of these experiments on non-chrome/safari browsers Chrome Experiments - Home
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    Difference between higher computing and computing for employment in elec engineering?

    Re: Difference between higher computing and computing for employment in elec engineer no one is going to remember your first year mark. although a pass would pull your wam down by quite a lot compared to a distinction. keep in mind that unlike other higher subjects, if you don't do...
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    Google Maps Street View

    Google maps started in Sydney Australia, and Australia was first to have street view :)
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    2009 THES rankings

    Yeah, all of this is a bunch of crap. In order to rate every university in the world, they have to pick a small set of criteria that's easy to measure at the expense of real quality that affects most under grads. International students are only good if you're attracting the best students...
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    UNSW S2 09 exam timetables out!

    03/11/2009 COMP9315: Database Systems Implementat'n <-- fail. boring 10/11/2009 COMP9844: Ext Neural Networks <-- fail. interesting, but hard :(
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    BSc in 2yrs instead of 3yrs

    On average you'll be doing 4 subjects per semester. A Bsc is 3 years with 2 semesters per year, so that's 24 subjects. Assume you overload 1 subject per semester, in 2 years you'll have done 16 subjects. If you took 2 more subjects each summer, that takes care of another 4 which brings...