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    Smooth Operator's relationship/love/dating advice thread.

    This is actually very good advice Establishing your intentions from the outset is vital, otherwise you'll fall in the trap every other guy does
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    How do you get HECS

    It's done at your uni, around the upcoming census date. Your uni's online administrative panel (which does class timetables, adding/dropping courses) will cover all of that. You should also get an email.
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    Are these signs a shy girl likes me?

    So tell me, if you get enough 'good signs' are you actually going to do something about it? Or are you just looking for excuses not to make a move? I would stop liking all of her shit as well, reeks desperation.
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    Can I do Civil Engineering with 2Unit math or?

    The level of calculus covered is essentially 2 least in the first semester course anyway. Assuming the courses won't change next year, you're gonna be doing vectors, complex numbers, calculus, differential equations and linear algebra (matrix and matrcies). With DEs, linear algebra and...
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    Can I do Civil Engineering with 2Unit math or?

    Yep.. you do cover some 3 unit and 4 unit concepts in the first year math courses but if you work hard it really won't be too difficult at all. I got 69 in 2u math and am now doing civil at uon and the math isn't terribly hard. You'll be fine. But if you are still worried there are...
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    How do you study for IPT? especially the final 3 hour HSC exam

    The excel book and specifically the study cards were literally the only study resource I used for the IPT final. I ended up getting a band 6 studying the cards for 1 hour prior to the exam.
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    IT Degree or Computer Science ??

    At UoN there isn't a whole lot of maths in the computer science degree. You do 3 math courses in the first year and that IS IT! One of them isn't even difficult and covers a lot of probability and basic logic concept stuff. You cover java and c++ in the first year when it comes to programming...
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    BOS Voting Intentions: 2013 Federal Election

    Although I am not a fan of either of the major parties at the moment, it's surprising to see so many on BOS voting for libs with all the planned cuts to the student sector. I guess you must all be rich, or something.
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    They will all have the same core math subjects in the first year. Beyond that, it varies.
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    Is this girl losing interest in me?

    Please do not do this, you will ruin any chance you have and scare her away. I repeat, do NOT do this.
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    First semester and already over uni

    It's no lie keeping up to date with work isn't easy. One of my mature aged student friends has told me just to treat it like a full time job. Go in from 9-5 every day. Studying on campus definitely keeps my attention focused on coursework rather than dicking around at home.
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    University of Newcastle 2013 Roll Call

    I've already completed them, doing MATH2310 this semester.
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    2013 Federal election

    When the Libs get in, it's going to be very bad news for students. It's just a question of how big a bloodbath it's going to be.
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    University of Newcastle 2013 Roll Call

    Got an offer for civil after switching out my engineering major from computer science last year.
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    Internal Engineering Transfer - Transcript

    Does anyone know if an internal transfer, such as within engineering, clears my transcript?
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    What would this 2unit rank and mark be moderated to????

    Re: Can you get marked down in 2 unit math exam for not using a ruler or not labeling Depends on the wording of the question. I can foresee marks being deducted for not labelling either axis, vertices, etc, properly.
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    How do you get your ATAR in December?

    Marks (scaled) for each subject texted to your phone the day before, your ATAR thru UAC the day after. If there is an option, log into UAC and provide your mobile number in the settings. I'm certain the feature is optional, as you get your marks formally in the mail about a month later.
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    General Thoughts: IPT

    Sounds to me like the IPT paper was a LOT like the one I did last year - and not in a good way. Lots of BS that didn't test the whole syllabus. I mean, a full question on a global positioning system (iirc), when there is only like 1 dot point on it in the syllabus - who saw that coming...
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    Completely undecided on degrees/future, please help!

    Re: Completely undecided, please help! The Australian gaming 'industry' is not only limited but extremely competitive.
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    Uni or an academy?

    There are plenty of places that offer computer science for under 90 ATAR.