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    Final ATAR Estimate

    Sorry about that. Thanks for the estimate.
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    Final ATAR Estimate

    School Rank- 48 Advanced English- 39/197 Geography- 1/32 2U Religion- 7/77 Business Studies- 38/103 Modern History- 21/75 Thanks everyone for all the estimates over the past year.
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    Germany Weimar Republic prediction?

    Racial policy was in 2015 and foreign policy in 2016. Hence there's a very small chance that it will come up. Highly unlikely in my opinion compared to topics like the role of Hitler/totalitarianism/social and cultural life etc.
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    Do you lose marks if you don't write a conclusion? (Advanced Paper 2)

    Yeah you definitely need a conclusion teeb. It essentially signifies to the marker that you were able to finish your response in the time frame as well as draw your essay to a close. In terms of mark value maybe 1-2 at most, potentially no deduction if the marker is generous.
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    What could I get if I didn't include anything on "its strengths, its weaknesses"?

    I would say 17-18 if you included all other parts of the statement. The strengths and weaknesses part wasn't critical in my opinion compared to other parts.
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    Assessment mark for tied ranks

    You and the other individual who is also 5th will have the same assessment marks sent into NESA.
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    Advanced Paper 2 [Modules] - Thoughts

    Pikachu- Yeah I approached it in a very similar way. I believe that it was definitely the best way to answer a question of that complexity. You could honestly talk about strengths and weaknesses evenly but as Yeats poetry reflects true world events (Irish rebellion, WW1, impermanence of humanity...
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    Advanced Paper 2 [Modules] - Thoughts

    What you talking about same1111 hahaha?
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    Advanced Paper 2 [Modules] - Thoughts

    Why is everyone concerned about the strengths and weaknesses part? It was merely one component of the question you still had to talk about unique voices, tension, real/imagined and personal view for Yeats. Anyone else talk about Yeats poetry containing only strengths and no weaknesses? I don't...
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    Personal Response

    If it was me i'd refer to it in the introduction, 2-3 times in my bodies (including the concluding sentence) and again in my conclusion.
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    visual techniques!

    An example of a vector line would be someone's hand drawing you to a specific object. It's literally a line that draws you to a specific thing.
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    Has everyone finished memorising yet?

    I memorised all my module essays, creative and discovery essay like a week ago. I just read my notes three times a day for two weeks and have continued to read them this week also (1-2 times a day though) so it stays fresh in my head.
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    Atar estimate

    ^ Jazz Number of b6's: Business Studies- 47 Advanced English- 47 Geography- 2 Modern History- 14 2 Unit Religion- 12
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    nazi germany and totalitarianism

    I reckon you should argue that it was totalitarian the entire essay. For my essay I would have paragraphs on how the Nazi's had a single party ideology, a single charismatic leader, the Nazi's total control over societal functioning and how they controlled the military.
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    Atar estimate

    Ranks: Geography- 1/35 2 Unit Religion- 7/80 Advanced English- 39/190 Business Studies- 38/115 Modern History- 20/80 School Rank- 45 Cheers
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    nazi germany and totalitarianism

    It is better to take an argument one side or another as opposed to sitting on the fence in modern history. However depending on the question if you have enough justification and evidence in your response to provide a two sided argument you can still do equally as well. It is very hard to pull...
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    It's almost impossible to formulate a B6 creative off the top of your head during the exam. I would suggest having an adaptable pre prepared B6 creative that can be adapted to the statement/stimulus on the day.
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    How is everyone going for prep on trials and HSC...

    I'm sorry but having 3 trials is literally the worst system. Every students going to be burnt out by the time they hit the actual HSC. 1 trial is more than enough as you also have the half yearlies. 3 trials plus half yearlies is fucking stupid.
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    Is it possible for me to score a 94 ATAR?

    ^ Get chemistry top 3, standard as I said top 10 if possible (Top 15 may be sufficient as it's hard to estimate due to your school rank), business to top 10 and maintain those first places. With these rank i'm sure you can get that 94. Good luck with your study! :)
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    Atar estimate

    Also what ranks would I need to get a 97+ because i've received an estimate of 94 from my school.