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    99.55 ATAR || 97 HSC CHEMISTRY MARK || PRIOR TUTORING EXPERIENCE || HSC ALL ROUNDER Hello, My name is Suleyman and I graduated in 2023 with an atar of 99.55. I specialise in HSC Chemistry. Before year 12, I was averaging 60s in year 11 Chemistry, however by making small adjustments to my study...
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    Understanding assembly question

    Also I made a conversation with you so you can reply there or here, Im not too sure how this app works
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    Understanding assembly question

    Hey someone forwarded me to you @dav53521 . I understand from your posts on bored of studies that you do Comp Sci at uts but specifically the IDeA course. Can you give me some info on it. Some specific Questions are: 1. What atar did you need to get in? 2.What companies do you generally get...
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    2023 HSC chat

    Hey man, I mentioned you one one of my threads (I think my only one) Can you pplease answer some of the questions on there? Its regarding the UtS IDeA course for Computer Science. I have been looking for someone who is currently doing it for ages and I came across you. Can you please look at...