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    how prepared r u for wednesday?

    I haven't really studied much, haha, and its the night before... do I plan to cram? nope. no point. my thinking is that if I didn't get it while I was in class, it aint gonna stick now! coz I need to talk about it heaps... and so it maybe be completely crap thinkin but it's workin so far...
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    Easy Exam

    yeh, I didn't think it was all that bad. I didn't quite finish it but my options were automated manufacturing systems and multimedia and I totally forgot all about damping and actuators and all that so I was heaps relieved when no questions refered to any of that! and I really loved q21 in...
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    What is a communication protocol?

    I thought that definition was pretty right. as for an example, I said handshaking because that's communications between the modem and isp.... not sure if it's right, but I think it is. http - I don't think that's right because it's not really communications is it?!
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    Ugh that was really hard? How did you go?

    I really didn't think it was that bad. like yeah, it wasn't easy.. but the questions were pretty fair I thought :) and I just thought it was a lot of common sense.
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    Multiple Choice

    my answers were: 1 B 2 C 3 A 4 D 5 B 6 A 7 B 8 A 9 B 10 D 11 D 12 C 13 C 14 A 15 B 16 C 17 C 18 D 19 B 20 C if anyone wants me to explain how I got the answers I did, just ask coz I can't be bothered atm. also, I haven't checked everyone elses answers but yeh, I was...
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    Module B - Speeches

    I liked thru political value of the texts, dreaming for the future etc... and the people who spoke them..
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    The future of you english notes...

    I'd upload to BoS too.. but I have, unfortunately deleted most of my stuff already and the rest is heaps of stuff handwritten! though maybe, for business I'll put stuff up... I put up my legal hsc stuff last yr when I was finished doing the hsc though! (I did my hsc all weird... legal last yr...
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    Module A: Compartive Study of Texts and Context

    did anyone think though, about the whole bit of "sustain interest" that it was weird for Hamlet and R&G? I didn't think that any of it sustained interest in the values rep'd in Hamlet... ? I said that it didn't sustain interest in the values, but developed them or some such thing (can't remember...
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    The future of you english notes...

    What are you planning to do with your english notes now? or in fact all of your school notes as you finish the hsc? chuck them in the bin? ceremonally burn? what?! I plan to save all mine in my "dump" pile until my last exam which is business and then go out to this place I like and...
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts (Merged)

    I did an essay, because it also said a critical evaluation, and I could see myself doing that in a speech or something... crazy crazy question!
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    Module B - Speeches

    I wrote about 5 pages on king, goldman and socrates. I was really glad that I rang the advice line last night coz I basically got a really got introduction to that kind of question from talking over it. And I had 4 prepared so I was pretty happy I only had to do 3. I did it as a critical eval...
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    don't think so. coz ur responses had nothing to do with the areas you were supposed to talk about.
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    directly above the table. it said to choose 2 of them. pretty plainly too. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. wish it said what you thought it did. woulda been beta for me! I wasn't so great on the features or whatever of any of the areas listed!
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    I'm not quite sure what you're referring to but there was nothing asking for anything like that on the usa or mexico or anything!!! if you're referring to the q after the mapping, bad new, I think you did it wrong coz it was on one of the places listed about the table.. I know the rocky...
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    meh! I didn't mind it. I know I'll lose a few marks coz there were a few questions I really couldn't remember a few things on, but none were whole questions I couldn't do... just like that japan one, I reckon I'll only get 4 marks instead of 6.. a few things like that. the questions where we had...
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    i'm doin it. best walk in the park i've done for a while. fairly easy if you listen etc. got pretty good marks thruout so yeah.
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    Trial Results

    welllllllll........ I didn't have enough time! I neva do in exams! umm... I knew my case study but totally forgot to put something about it in there! ahh! oop. and I only just realised then! but I'm pretty sure I passed which is all that I really care about atm. got time before the hsc.
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    Trial Results

    my skool started trials at the start of this week and finishs tomorrow! I know, slow...... I have business tomorrow so any last minute tips?!
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    is anyone doing history and memory??

    for those doing ned kelly.... I finished reading the syllabus over and over coz I've been having the same problem too, and it says heaps clearly that the texts of your own choosing have to be related to the perscribed text.... i.e. for ned kelly they have to be about ned kelly e.g. sydney...