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    Assesment Marks vs. Exam Marks

    Thanks, makes sense. Only, this didn't appear to be the case for me in Ext Eng II - was ranked equal first, but got different external and internal marks... ie got 47 for external, 45 internal.. Hm, I guess that subject's just different?
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    Assesment Marks vs. Exam Marks

    Is that what happens - does ranking 1st mean you get the same exam/assessment mark? How/why does that work?
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    Top School Predictions

    baha, yes indeed it is me.. myself and migly thought it would be rather amusing to list red bend here amongst the likes of james ruse and what not... we are so hilarious lol. where's your nomination of parkes high - maybs we can tie first?
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    Top School Predictions

    The first 2 will definitely be (in this order): 1. Red Bend Catholic College Forbes 2. James Ruse
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    Most annoying book of all time

    Twilight. Majorly cliched. Terrible writing.
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    Books That Make You Cry

    Four Fires - Bryce Courtenay Harry Potter 5 and 7 (Dobby's death in the latter has got to be the most tragic moment..)
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    Scaled marks

    I wish you were, but it does seem the most plausible explanation i've heard thus far. Feel I am forced to believe you and accept my own inevitable disappointment on the 16th December!
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    Scaled marks

    Well in one subject, there was quite a significant gap between 1st and 2nd - about 8% - in trials and assessments. But I know in this subject my exam mark would have been far surpassed by the 2nd person because I completely stuffed up, at least 25 marks were a write off.. So even though the 2nd...
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    Scaled marks

    In that case, I am so very screwed. All that work throughout the year on assessments and internal exams counts for nothing, because I stuffed up a few HSC exams. That just seems so extremely unfair...
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    Scaled marks

    But what if your internal assessment mark was higher than the highest HSC exam mark? What if the highest exam mark was only 85%, but your internal assessment mark had been 95%... Does it still mean that your exam mark of 40% is added with the 85% and averaged... or do they use your 95%? Thanks...
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    Belonging - 2 supp texts okay!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts exactly!!! Yes I did 2 related texts because stupidly I didn't read the whole question, but by no means did I use a prepared response!!!!!! It is ludicrous!! In fact, I had immense difficulty trying to fit my second text to the question and...
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    Scaled marks

    Question: If you're ranked first, but bomb out in the HSC exam, do you receieve the highest mark from your class in the exam anyway? I have heard this, but it seems doubtful... Someone please confirm/deny!
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    Are you looking forward to getting your HSC results?

    Wish that no one had to ever see my marks - including me! Going to be shameful... So not, let me live forever in this blissful ignorance
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    Ok, fess up, whos stuffed an exam

    Better question would be what exam didn't I stuff up? English Paper 1 - stuffed up by not reading the question and writing about 2 related texts... Essay would have been infinitely better and more in depth if I knew it was just one! Especially as my second text didn't fit the question AT...
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    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    You're not!
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    I stupidly did that question and almost immediately regretted it. Unfortunately, by then there was not time to switch to the other, infinitely more preferable other question.. What did I say? Something about how the Accords split North and South but as to how that affected the developments, I...
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    Belonging - 2 supp texts okay!

    I REALLY don't get why those who wrote about one text are raging. The lucky people who SAW the specification about the number of texts were able to write a much more in depth response than us and thus have nothing to worry about. Whatever is going around about how us two-text writers won't get...
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    SMH article on how shit is HSC English

    I reaaallly disagree with the view that people in the belonging exam ‘simply reproduced their prepared essays regardless, using two additional texts.’ Most people who wrote about two additional texts instead of one did NOT simply rote-learn an essay, then decide they couldn't bear to depart...
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    Modern History Trial = Killer or not. Someone soothe my stressed cranium !

    yeah, i don't know whether i had 'two' answer for question one, i kind of just wrote one sentence. that was hard.. what was the answer?