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    Question 13: Religious Rites

    hey yeah i agree actully ive noticed that in a few of the exams, asking really weird ques. that dont normally ask......just stupid ones that are on the syllabus but dont get taught enough.........ah welz i was happy that was one of the things we looked at in depth so not to bummed :) sorry to...
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    Question 13: Religious Rites

    hey Yeah same big ticket didn't have a problem with it sign of devotion......ramadan and holy communion......... im so stoked my school set me up hehe.......and past paper's showed there was going to be a question liek this so im suprised so many ppl r suprised about it hehe.........i only got...
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    Leaving Early

    Hey Yeah i stayed the whole time i was freakin out when ppl started leaveing cause i did essay first and had only just finshed it when like 50 ppl walked out im like FCUK then had like just finshed when they said pens down but figured hey it's prob. a good thing i stayed later got more out :)...
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    social change?

    it was ok I was pretty happy with that question cause our last assigement was christiany and another relgions veiw on like one of poverty, sexuality, treatment of women, abortion.......which was a syllabus question so i just wrote about christiany and how theve helped poverty since 1901 pretty...
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    Multiple choice answers

    multi choice Nah it hought it was a good exam was frettin bout it but pleasently suprised........yeah i got exactly the same as SPED but c for 10 :) and yeah it was definatly ww2 cause there was a big issue about it and how it was unexpected for church to support. Ecumenical was weird but thank...
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    the exam... how'd u go?

    S. Science exam O it was pretty good i thought........carbon dioxide thing was the limewater test.......and i have no idea what ur talkin bout with colloid thing with oil i just did guess cheak method and repeat for reliability hopeing for band 5 thats what i should be expecting...