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    Major Projects For Wood?

    yer icompleted a games table and stools and pieces last yr 2007 for ind tech.. was a small project but alot of work. some people should try and do small projects. still get the good marks..i got 92. and was short listed for the project to go to syd in dat wood show at fox studios..
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    General Thoughts: Industrial Technology

    Re: 2007 Industrial Technology HSC Exam i thought that qu bout governemnt legislation was more bout how it protects inimum wages n working comditions n legislation regarding work cover not ir laws n crap..
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    What timber did you use for the major project? making a games table its small but very tricky n difficult hopeing to get good marks lol.. im using dillania some malasian hardwood... some peices look so awsum sorta like tiger grain... wanted to use river red gum which would have looked specatacular...