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    Basic Thoughts & Opinions on Music 1

    It was wired but not 2 bad. I filled up every page on the booklet. Q3 was pretty crap honestly, all my music class laughed when it was playing. What a typical 21th century music expert~~ damn ~ I really wanna kill the composer actually, coz everyone else could made that up. It doesnt...
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    Chinese background speakers

    no worries la, coz I knew that lots of overseas students found it was hard as well. anyway, hope we all get scaled up ~~ praying........ people from bos are devils~~~ sigh~~
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    Chinese background speakers

    no i didnt... btw, do we have to talk about the techniques that each composer uses? and the comprehension was really hard, I didnt even metion that 蚊烟 b4.
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    Chinese background speakers

    Crap Yeah, it was sooooooooo crap. I think its gonna be a magic if I scored over 80. Did anyone feel good for the question where it asks you how do XXX,XXX,XXXrelate to global issues? What the hell~ and.....yeah~this years hsc exams are comparatively harder than last few years.