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    Im using the living end song "prisoner of society" and teh simpsons episode 'homer vs teh 18th amendment'. both use society as an institution
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    Wilfred Owen

    called teh hsc advice line
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    Japanese Continuers - how'd everyone go?

    Ichigo, Your insane, your obviously japanese or something. Youve written way too much and like screem says you may loose marks. The marker have to go thru hundreds of papers and they dont wana have to read an extra long response. Anyways I did alright, I was all pretty simple. I chose the...
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    band 5 in standard english

    Can someone answer me this. I got to a school were out of 150 students 135 do advanced. I do standard and got ranked 1 in the course. My teacher seems to be a relatively hard marker but I guess its hard to tell. Is it still possible to get a band 5/6 in english or what?
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    Wilfred Owen

    Has anybody studied the Last Laugh? We never did it but apparently its one of the pescribed peoms we need to know. Heres the list: Send Off Athem for Doomed Youth Dulce et Decorum Est The Next War Last Laugh Futility