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  1. andreaau3

    Practising chemists question, help!!!!

    gather, process and present information from secondary sources about the work of practising chemists, indentifying a variety of chemical occupations and a specific chemical occupation for a more detailed study. IM SO LOST!! i cant think of anyone?? i was going to try and use someone who does...
  2. andreaau3

    Pompeii and Herculaneum help!!!!!

    Here is my Essay question: “Explain how new research and technologies since the 1980’s have changed earlier interpretations of human remains from Pompeii and Herculaneum.” I vaguely know what to write about, like estelle lazer, sara bisel, maybe sigurdsson? but i have absolutely no idea in...
  3. andreaau3

    need help with biopol info!!!!!

    great! thank you so much! do you have any info on properties and their uses?
  4. andreaau3

    need help with biopol info!!!!!

    hey everyone, i need some assistance with a question in a current chemistry assessment. the question, being "identify properties and/or production processes which need further research" regarding biopol. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED, THANK YOU
  5. andreaau3

    Biopolymer questions.

    hey everyone so i have some quick questions on biopolymers because i have no idea where to find the answers anywhere else. / need some second opinions to the answers that i already have. what are some essential qualities of a biopolymer? why will biopolymers become increasingly important in...