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  1. rissy16

    Related Texts for Raw.... HELP....

    I have one supp atm but need another one! Prisoner of Society - The Living End
  2. rissy16

    Pompeii - I Need Help!!

    it aint a waste, i found it REALLY, REALLY hard, i even ended up crying in class cus i couldnt do the work or memorise any of the work, so im glad COULDN'T BE BOTHERED - um HELLO i TRIED alright, u dont get how hard it is for me to do that type of work and do another one of those subjects as...
  3. rissy16

    Pompeii - I Need Help!!

    dont have to anymore not doing Ancient history anymore
  4. rissy16

    The Naked Brothers Band....

    i like the new series following from the movie.... on Nickelodeon! A couple of kids are in a band called 'The Naked Brothers Band' check them out on: and their music on:
  5. rissy16

    Home and Away

    omg i cant believe u like this show. it sucks....!!!!:bomb:
  6. rissy16

    Extended Questions.....

    could anyone post any extended theory questions for art please? or if you know any website with any questions on it, please can you post it. THANKS!!!:)
  7. rissy16

    'the send off' by wilfred owen

    the 'flowers' are symbolic of 'goodluck/mourning' as if the women are saying goodluck but also saying goodbye, as they leave. :)
  8. rissy16

    Digital Imaging ....

    I am doing Digital Imaging at TAFE this year...... in stead of Ancient History:)
  9. rissy16

    What is everyone doing for their Major?

    I am doing three works about: "innocence verses non-innocence" I am placing ancient pictures of watches hanging in the eyes of children, with also the poems "Songs Of Innocence" by William Blake over them. Tell us all what you are doing for your art major......
  10. rissy16

    Related Texts for Raw.... HELP....

    can anybody give me ideas of sup texts for Raw??
  11. rissy16

    i Need Help: The Truman Show and image

    My schools yr 12 is doing the movie 'the truman show' as a prescribed text for image. Would anyone have any extra information on it or know a website about it? Also, my suppliamentary is the music video "Bring Me to Life" by Evanscence, does anyone understand the themes within this video? If...
  12. rissy16

    Irp Questionaire!!! (the Affects Of The Hsc)..please Answer For Me :)

    Please specify your gender. Female 1. What is your reason for choosing to complete the HSC? better education and to get into uni to study primary teaching 2. Which of these symptoms of the dreaded HSC stress syndrome have you experienced? Can’t concentrate? Do you often yawn and doze...
  13. rissy16

    DO MY SURVEY PLEASE!!!!!! its for my IRP...

    1. Age: 17 2. Gender: F 3. Where did you grow up? Nsw. SA, Australia 4. What genre of music do you listen too? [Tick all that apply] ؜ Bluegrass ؜ Blues ؜ Classical ؜ Death Metal ؜ Disco ؜ Emo ؜ Folk ؜ Grunge/Garage ؜ Gospel ؜ Gothic ؜ Hardcore ؜ Hip-Hop ؜ Industrial ؜Jazz ؜ Latin ؜ Metal ؜...
  14. rissy16

    Supplimentary Material: Brother Bear

    does anyone have any info on the movie 'Brother Bear'?
  15. rissy16

    Supplementary Material for Physical Journey

    I have a list of supplementary material: 'wide open spaces' - Dixie Chicks 'Time of your life' - Greenday 'A thousand Miles' - Vanessa Carlton 'Cats in the Cradle' - Harry Chapin 'Sailing' - Rod Stewart 'Father and Son' - Cat Stevens Shrek 1 and 2 Finding Nemo Lord of the rings - book...
  16. rissy16

    I.R.P. Home

    yea im still looking 4 questions for my IRP i was thinking of doing something with childrens behaviour in the school yard, or their favorites or maybe even conformity with children, u know something like that if someone has any suggestions private message me or something please and thankyou
  17. rissy16

    Pompeii - I Need Help!!

    i have just started yr 12 Ancient History, and our first topic is Pompeii Does anyone have notes?? i really need them, i did terriable in the Ancient History preliminary exam i need help please and thankyou
  18. rissy16

    YR 12 Journeys

    'Shrek' is a good Physical Journey
  19. rissy16

    Art- Body Of Work HSC

    I am stuck with finding an idea to do my HSC Body Of Work to start next year. If anyone has suggestions plz write back Thanks P.S Somthing simple plz :)
  20. rissy16

    Notes/Quotes for 2007 HSC English

    Does anyone know where i can find notes or quotes for these three materials: 'Away' - Michael Gow 'The Truman Show' - Peter Weir or 'Raw' - Scott Monk We are starting 'Away' in the next week or two Thankyou :) :) :) :)