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  1. FesuY

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    when does honour roll come out
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    picking courses

    I got an offer an Macquarie and I accepted it. Am I able to change it to another course if I get another offer from Macquarie or another uni?
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    are the solutions up?
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    Economics Predictions

    section 3 wasnt great, but section 4 both questions were great
  5. FesuY

    Economics Predictions

    im hoping for macro
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    Business Studies HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    did anyone get 40% for 23 a
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    Business Studies HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Amazing exam. Good short answer, easiest multiple choice and great essay and report questions. How did you guys find it?
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    Legal Predictions?

    oh ok, thanks for clarying
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    Legal Predictions?

    I think i might have stuffed up my crime question. I didnt talk about young offenders, instead i talked about law reform regarding police powers and bail. Is that bad?
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    Today's 2022 Maths Advanced Paper

    When I first saw the paper during reading time I thought I was fucked, however as soon as I attempted the questions they weren't that bad. Definitely easier than 2020 and 2021 paper, also many people in my cohort where complaining about so yeah.
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    Legal Predictions?

    i agree
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    Legal Predictions?

    crime will be international law. there hasnt been one since 2015
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    english paper 1

    atleast the short answer easy
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    i cant sleeeeeeeeeep bruh why now of all times
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    What is your favourite song and why?

    pyramids by frank ocean is a phenomenal song
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    What is your favourite song and why?

    Amazing song. I suggest checking out Free (ghost town pt 2) by kids see ghosts if you liked that song
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    N Awards

    If you dont complete them by a certain date you get an N determination which basically means you didnt meet the criterias of the subject and wont count towards your atar. I believe that date is in around september.
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    my internal ranks are so bad pls send me some sort of motivation lol

    bruh its seem like u go to a selective chillax fam
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    Does anyone else regret taking legal studies??

    I was regretting it, but now with trials coming soon, Im starting to realise that the legal exam maybe one of the easier ones due to the layout of it.