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  1. ChrisAlli

    NSW college help

    Hey. I'll be going to the Baxter college this year and I just have a few questions for those who would know.I went to the college already yesterday but my timing was off and didn't get any significant help. I was just wondering about a few things to do with the room itself. How big is exactly...
  2. ChrisAlli

    Residential Colleges...

    I've had my interview with both and they both seemed fairly similar. Drew's probally had slightly bigger rooms and I liked the building a bit more then Wes (just me though). Drews has more nights a week where they have to wear the gown things (4-1 I think). Cost about the same (Drews...
  3. ChrisAlli

    Uai 70-89

    Holy crap- thats a bit extreme. What's it going to change though. Biology- 84 Chemistry- 79 (damn) Design Technology- 81 (fuck) English standard- 84 (yay) Maths 2U- 79 (damn) = 84.2 .8 short of my minimum target. I so underacheived I could of got around 90 if I tried harder in school as...
  4. ChrisAlli

    Official UAI Results

    God reading evryone elses UAI I feellike such a failure anyway I feel I quite underperformed with my 84.2 UAI not even getting what I set as my minimum (85) and now my chances of getting into a Sydney Uni college is looking slim even though I will probally get into the course I wanted.
  5. ChrisAlli

    2008 NRL Premiership

    I'm just hoping Storm have some more competition this year so if we win it will be more hard fought
  6. ChrisAlli

    Residential Colleges...

    pretty good at cricket and used to go to state for athletics (till I laid off it a while back). The interview was fine, you just talk about random things with a couple of mandatory questions like why do you wan to go to a college. The director was a good guy no need to worry.
  7. ChrisAlli

    metal fans your suggestions are needed

    This are the metal oriented bands I listen too- Alter Bridge Annihlator Anthrax Audioslave Ditsurbed Dragonforce Dream Evil Dream Theater Drowning Pool Fear Factory Karnivool Ill Nino Machine Head Mega Death Pantera PM for what I think are the good songs Other bands that my freinds listen...
  8. ChrisAlli

    Residential Colleges...

    I was just wondering when I would find out if I was accepted into the colleges I applied for- drews and wesley? And what are my chances of getting in if my UAI is about 87-90?
  9. ChrisAlli

    What PS3 games to buy

    Just got a PS3 and was wondering which games to get. Thinking- fall of man, assassins creed but what about lair, bladestorm, nija gaiden? any others And should I buy any accesories to go with the PS3 bar an extra controller?
  10. ChrisAlli

    short answers

    I think with the plant question the main point they wanted is that temp was the only variable. I stated how the experiment would use a large number of plants in a wide vairety of temps under same light conditions That oxygen question was fairly simple, most of the information was given in...
  11. ChrisAlli

    Multiple choice

    What did you guys put? I had 1. D (fairly straightforward) 2. B (safety is always top priority though the question only asked for 1 factor) 3. C (this is wrong when I read the question afterwards as it states the early stages of design so probally A) 4. B (seems like the best answer) 5. A...
  12. ChrisAlli

    How did you find the chem exam?

    I couldn't see me losing more than 20 marks so I think somewhere in the 80-85 region. Lucky that the long answers in the test were on subjects I knew pretty well (isotopes). But god damn experiment crap, I hate expeiment questions (that stupid calcium question at the end of normal section...
  13. ChrisAlli

    Multiple Choice

    My answers 1. D (C was the enzyme as it remained unchanged at the end of the rection and A+B was after the substrates have reacted therefore it had to be A & B) 2. B (simple) 3. A (pretty sure it's the Xylem) 4. C (can't be B or D and the soil in the area of the pines would be free of fungus...