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  1. reggina_calcio

    How many times a week do I have to go university for b.economics USYD?

    From my experience (I studied B.Com,B.A) you may be lucky enough to squeeze all lectures and tutorials into 3 days but it will come down to luck. My average would have been 4 days per week, with fridays almost always off. You could probably put all tutorials into 2 or 3 days and then not go...
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    Economics at Uni

    You'll be fine without doing it at school. If you trust yourself to do the work needed for it via distance ed then by all means go for it. It helps to give a background to uni ecos but it's definitely not necessary. If you do end up doing it via distance ed you might want to have a good...
  3. reggina_calcio

    Post your Semester 2 (2007) timetable

    Re: Post your Semester 2 timetable Just found it at myuni. :santa:
  4. reggina_calcio

    Post your Semester 2 (2007) timetable

    Re: Post your Semester 2 timetable Can someone help me out - I can't remember the site where you can see a timeteable of all tutorials. I know the econ site has a timetable of the lectures but not tutorials (or I can't find it ?). Anyone? Thanks.
  5. reggina_calcio

    econ1001 micro exam format

    Stupid ssa site didn't load properl for like 10 mins i was refreshing and it wouldn't show anything so i freaked out. It loads now, everything's ok. I'm still screwed though. I haven't studied at all. No joke. Nothing. I've never heard of a nash equilbrium. I hope this consoles...
  6. reggina_calcio

    econ1001 micro exam format

    Errrr I just went to check my seat number for the exam and nothing comes up. wtf? Anyone else have this problem? I received an email a while ago saying that I had an exam at Carriageworks, and seeing as though Econ is my only exam at uni I assumed that was it.
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    Argh, I knew I should have gone! I think I went shit. :)
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    Has anyone received their essay back? I didn't go to a tute or lecture last week so I have no idea how they're being handed back. Is it in the tutes of through the SOPHI office?
  9. reggina_calcio

    The sudden realisation that 'my best' just isn't good enough.

    Sounds like interest, not effort, is the probelm. You're in the wrong course. The light. Follow it.
  10. reggina_calcio

    Italian Harbour Cruise!

    Hi guys and girls, Movimento FM, an Italian youth radio program are organising a cruise on Friday 21 April. It's going to be a great night with young Italians from all over Sydney. Come and enjoy the best in Italian, House, Dance & R'N'B. There will be heaps of giveaways from Movimento...
  11. reggina_calcio

    Is it easy to transform (transfer) a course?

    I did a search on the UAC site for courses offered by USYD to transfer and they were all DEFEE...does that mean the only courses I can transfer into are full fee? :| ?
  12. reggina_calcio

    What Clubs/Societies did you join?

    Oi! What itunes card? !! Ive signed up to: CUI (Italian soc) Comsoc Club universidad de futbal
  13. reggina_calcio

    5 Things You Like (And Dislike) About Your School!

    Sorry, my mistake. I meant classes, not ranks. I was 3rd in 2 unit maths (95), 16th or 17th in 3 unit maths (45) (can't remember), 28th adv english (83) and got 95.25 :D But advanced english is a MUST at our school. I absolutely hated it, but without it I would have dropped heaps of uai...
  14. reggina_calcio

    5 Things You Like (And Dislike) About Your School!

    OMG,you were in THAT year group. Can't blame you for leaving really... heaps of dickheads in your year. Academically, IMO, it can be as great a school as you want it to be. As long as you get yourself into the top two maths and adv english and work consistently you can easily get 90+..if not...
  15. reggina_calcio

    what are my chances?

    ;) 2006 cut-off is(was) 85.00 from memory.
  16. reggina_calcio

    B of Commerce at Syd Uni

    Ditto. Can't wait.:D
  17. reggina_calcio

    24 hours till UAC offers

    Can someone hurry up and hack the system! Soooo many hours left. :angry:
  18. reggina_calcio

    UAI predictions- how accurate were we?

    What do you mean? Do you mean the cut-offs for university courses? If so, you have nothig to worry about. The UAI is a rank of every student in the state, including those from your year 10 cohort. Uni cutoffs will only rise/fall as a result of change in demand for the course, or the number of...
  19. reggina_calcio

    whats your preference like?

    1 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce at University of Sydney 2 Bachelor of Commerce at University of Sydney 3 Bachelor of Economics at University of Sydney 4 Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University 5 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws...
  20. reggina_calcio

    The Education Access Scheme is BS

    Am I the only one that finds the rort that is DFEE more concerning than the handful of people who seemingly get unfair advantages via the EAS?