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  1. stupendified

    transferring into usyd pharmacy

    i reckon just go for it. theyve taken in people with lower marks than yours into pharmacy this year. im pretty sure the trend of decreasing uai required for pharmacy will continue next year as well.
  2. stupendified

    USYD Pharmacy '09 Roll Call!

    Do we need a dissection kit? It said something about that in the biology handbook we got.
  3. stupendified

    Q10 multiple choice

    I personally put D but alot of people at my school put C. I'm not so sure now...But i guess C is not really having to do with religion, it's more government based. But i guess the Australia part fits better in that response. Oh well :)
  4. stupendified

    Multiple Choice Analysis

    Diety i think describes having an ultimate supernatural being ie. God or Allah. New age practices (tarot cards etc.) don't exactly have an ultimate power, it's more self-focused, energy flowing from within... so I think the answer is (a). They don't really reject materialism, the religion is...
  5. stupendified

    CSSA 2004 paper and solutions? anyone?

    Just began a 2004 paper from the resources page and realised 2 questions are missing and no solutions. So highly aggravated! would anyone have the paper and solutions and is feeling extra generous today? Please post or PM me. Thanks very much :)