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  1. wendolina

    Elizabethan's galore.

    Yeah I did two areas of debate: 1) construction of her identities and gender 2) her political and administrative leadership But the thing is I did so many historians...when I wrote it up I didn't know I didn't need so many and I couldn't stand to cut out all my hard work ahhah so I kept most...
  2. wendolina

    Essay writing

    Heyyy I have my extension history exam soon! I know my historians and their contextual background and perspectives etc etc But I have no clue how to piece it together! Without an essay plan or scaffold I crumble lol Help anyone?
  3. wendolina

    Att: 2006. King Lear introduction by Mercedes

    HEyyy Does anyone know what a Family Psychological Drama reading would consider? It'd be a heap of help thanks