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  1. chingly_choo

    2006 Roll Call (For Continuing Students Too!)

    Haha, totally forgot all about this site since am no longer HSC burdened! Hi Khing! It is I Georgie! ....unless this isn't the Khing I know, in which case, OMG how emBARRAssing! :D
  2. chingly_choo

    Dr Who

    Apparently he's dating Sophia Myles, who was Renette (don't know if that's spelt right), or madame de pompador. Why, why take David away from us?
  3. chingly_choo

    Drama doesn't look right?

    They scaled down my assesment mark heaps from the one the school submited? Why woud they do that? I don't understand can someone please explain it too me?
  4. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    WOOOOO WE MADE IT TOO 100!!! Huzah! Don't worry about missing it, its still ongoing, so you haven't missed much, though as in previous posts you did miss Neil Manson giving a THIRD look which is almost unheard of! :O Does Fairfax get his cumuppance? Or does he die like everyone else. AND...
  5. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    I think we will have to agree to disagree on the Andrea thing. What do you think of the new DC, Jo Masters? why are there so many lesbians etc on the bill. They just suddenly all appeared! And Luke! I loved him! Kerry was nice when she was with him...and then it all went down hill. I am...
  6. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    I was unnerved by the Jim thing and got so angry at him, because of thw whole I love you, let me convince you to stay and then as soon as she says yes is like well I gtg! Grrr So he's left totally now? Good! He was pissing me off! Reg, poor reg! When he was calling for someone to help...
  7. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    Oh no! Reg! I knew it was coming, but Ken! and Andrea! Why?!
  8. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    Much thanks! Ahh, I didn't know that was live! Is that the episode where Debbie (Bitch!) is looking at julietts lifelesss corpse and says to phil that she didn't really know her? Or only as an aquaintance. Did that happen? Or is my mind playing tricks on me? Because if it did happen, it...
  9. chingly_choo

    Did anyone else encounter this?

    Where you one ancient society short answer and not the other one AS WELL, and then you had to do the long answer which you didn't know at all?
  10. chingly_choo

    Individual in Society

    The picture was slightly crazy. Only two left for me, one is drama- last exam in the entire thing :S
  11. chingly_choo

    Individual in Society

    How good was the question?! Or at least it was for my texts. Portrait and A Dolls House. What did you do for your story?
  12. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    See I decided I liked Neil Manson, yeah he's a bastard but there is just something about him that i find hilarious. Maybe its the fact he has only two facial expressions! Oh I can't ait for saturdays episode! Woo! More action on the bill! I have a question, when is the live episode showing...
  13. chingly_choo

    Genetics option

    I got 1:2:1 as well, so yeah. I had no idea and spent ages doing the dihybrid cross of the original one. Then realised I was doing the wrong thing and had to cross out all my neat, neat, NEAT working. But Iended up with that ratio and was like, if its wrong I DON"T CARE! The model wasn't...
  14. chingly_choo

    With reference to sources, assess the achievements of Agrippina the Younger.

    Agrippina didn't achieve much in the way that the emperors had, but you write about what were her achievements, so loooking at the power she gained, the way she paved the way for Nero to become emperor. Her two most important ambitions were to have her son on the throne and then to beomc...
  15. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    Am so excited, finally get to see Dan Caspar who I am hoping will bring up the eye candy of the bill which, bar smiffy, has been severly lacking...though that, just joking whol could find that bald meanie attractive! I hate amber as well, and I hate her even more because she is...
  16. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    Okay, now I know how this whole story line ends, BUT I wanted to see what pther people thought. Should Jim and June get back together? Or should she cut and run with Roger "Sexy Pants" Valentine? :P I am angry at Jim as he is really annoying me going OH! I let down Marie, OH! I let down...
  17. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    Too many months, I always say. Thankgod its on tonight I need a break!
  18. chingly_choo


    I do and I don't care wether you do or not. I also have been listening to the new album, and OHMYGOD Rock and Roll Razors blades I love, though I think I prefer it on the DVD
  19. chingly_choo

    Napoleon Dynamite!!!

    Your Mom Goes To College
  20. chingly_choo

    The Bill?

    Hahaha! Was just reading the my usual Saturday morning ritual, and Gabriel has gt his comeuppance! Won't tell you how or what, but jsut say that! Huzzah! Hate that man soo much Agree with everyones views on the stupid Kerry thing, but look on the brightside, Bills back on SAturday