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    Short story sophistication?

    Sophistication is for the pretentious - write with clarity and truth - sophistication will come out of that.
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    B Arts/B Music Studies

    I applied for this, though if I get through I'm doing it with the intention to transfer. Its a shorter course and getting in isn't the highest ' standard' as far as I been told.
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    Bachelor of Music(Perf)

    I'm a singer -- sorry not a pianist but I'll be auditioning to B mus (perf). Who knows you might me doing your accompanying units with me mwahahahah :P Anyways all the best!
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    Classical Vocalists Unite

    Hey, so you're doing instrumental/ed? How much performance do you get to do? To get into performance, as far as I know the standard is quite high, especially for singing. One year they only let three people in, that wasn't even a rumour it was something that the staff told me. As far as I...
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    Classical Vocalists Unite

    Totally awesome, I thought I'd feel so satisfied, or elated or fulfilled once they were done. But I didn't ... it felt like meh is taht it? Are you planning to go to the con? What songs/composers are you into? What songs did you do? THe more the merrier get your singing friends (classical LOL)...
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    Heeeeeeeeeeeeelppp !?!?!

    Sorry to get back to you later. Without being able to hear it I can't say much but I would say that you are attempting to use a fusion of different styles. Assuming you are doing music1, you can talk about yes acoustic ... but it should fit under a genre. I think it may be rock/pop acoustic...
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    Sick on prac day?

    The thing that confuses me is that I heard of anecdotes from teachers of people sitting the exam at a later date. This could be years ago when the system changed. I was hoping that it was somehow possible to do the exam later because it runs over two weeks.
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    Sick on prac day?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a singer and also an asthmatic who is fighting off an infection at the moment. I have my prac in 7 days and I am starting to cough a lot. All my sinuses are blocked up and I feel terrible. OK I have my prac on THURSDAY! What happens under these circustances? I am so screwd I...
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    HSC performance pieces

    Classical vocalist & pianist (VOCAL) - Gretchen Am Spinnrade , Schubert (Elective 1, 19th century music) - Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Stephen Sondhiem (Elective 2, theatre) - Flocks May Graze, Air on Cantata 208, Bach (Elective 3 Baroque music) (PIANO) - Nocturne - Greig (Core 19th century)
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    Classical Vocalists Unite

    Ohh ... lol .. I thought that you were doing HSC nxt year cause you said you wanted to do music2 through correspondance next year. But I get ya now ;) Con's standard's of theory is actually lower than other places as far as I know ... (e.g. NSW). However, their focus is on performance. I know a...
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    Classical Vocalists Unite

    LOL .. I complained to my dad that I had to pay for uni and he was like... "Um there's something called hecs." I'm doing the music theatre version of green finch and linnet bird:). I wished I tried for the CON high, since you've still got some time in school (lol I've got like a month) have you...
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    Classical Vocalists Unite

    Yay! A replay lol :haha: :music: I felt alone for a moment... What are you doing for the HSC, I'm doing - Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Sondhiem) - Gretchen Am Spinnrade (Schubert) - Flocks may Graze (Bach) Air on Cantata 208 Are you planning to study music next year ... singing possibly? What...
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    Classical Vocalists Unite

    There seem to be some classical singers here. Please post and tell me something about yourself, I feel like I am the only one in my school who actually likes opera and classical music let alone sing the kinda stuff. I did my grade 8 singing exam last year and passsed, Im also a pianist playing...
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    Please read my creative writing?!

    I liked reading your story, your idea is great :) The one thing that really annoyed me was your sentence construction. It is really boring for the reader to see every single sentence start off with "I". Allow me to demonstrate : I stared at the clock it was almost half past two. I felt really...
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    How do other singers perform?

    It really depends on the song, my singing teacher is a theatre singer and he directs me sometimes and tells me what I am doing wrong. The answer really varies, I recently did my grade 8 singing exam and I stared at the examiner for the whole time, one song though was in English and it was a love...
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    music tutoring?

    If you don't mind me asking ... what area do you live in? You can learn for half an hour a week ... many people starting out disagree to that but there is a lot you can get in half an hour. Some teachers allow for 45 minute lessons.
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    Singers!!! Performance!!!

    Sure, Trinity Guildhall Exams ... they are also known as Trinity college. That statement of AMEB providing up to Grade 4 in all areas of vocal is not true. If you read the syllabus, AMEB provides singing up to Fellowship level like all other instruments. I was going to do an AMEB exam but chose...
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    Singers!!! Performance!!!

    Hey! ... I've been singing for ... 2 years ... well I've had lessons for two years. If choir counts then I was in a children's choir since I was 7. (that adds to ... 10 years) I just did my grade 8 singing exam and I passed! I'm a soprano and I do music1 ... haven't picked my pieces though!
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    Accompanyist/music job opportunities?

    I'm a singer and pianist who has worked with some proffessional accompanists and I've accompanied some singers before. There is no official way to 'claim' yourself as an accompanist, it's like teaching you are basically self employed. However it helps to be part of an association or guild ...
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    My school sucks so much that it won't even have a music class for HSC T_T

    My music class only has 9 people in it ... ext english only has 5 ... and there is one class with three students ... you have teachers you have students ... numbers don't matter ... get your parents involved often that is a very strong force.