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    lol you guys sure can spiff up an empty topic even tho I have no idea what you guys are on about! Except for the guild part ... yeah i hate them! O-week was crap here!!!!!! I use exclamation mark too much. =(
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    Wow... very exciting here
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    QTAC Offers

    Offer Information: You have been made an offer in: 413021 Bachelor of Business - full-time or part-time at Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus . You must respond by Monday, 23 January 2006. Your offered course is currently listed at preference 1. Oh goodie
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    Top in school

    97 something 1st place and 95 something 2nd place Pretty good considering it's a public school, with only about 45 people in the year group situated in a rural town with a population of around 4000 people.
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    Fellas lets ask the questions to the ladies we always wanted...

    Also depends on how serious the relationship is too.
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    who did BAD? I mean not 99.95 or 98.25? i mean like 60s?

    It seems it doesn't start balancing out until your marks start reaching the 80 area. What I mean is that marks between 60-80 = scaled down. 80-90 start balancing and 90+ onwards scale upwards. Of course you also have to take into account the subjects you done. 88 gen maths (crap subject) 79...
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    JUAIseek or SAM

    .5 difference here... I hope the Juai is more reliable though for that will bump me an extra point.
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    So what is everyone doing today?

    Crawl up into a corner and play video games by myself :(
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    84 76 80 81 88 79 Not bad considering I did jack all this year, but I really worked myself to the edge those 2 months of the HSC. It was total hell, still I'd rather sacrifice those 2 months than the whole year so I'm alright with it.
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    who got the highest in IPT on bored?

    Omg I can't believe itI got 81 at least!!! Woo!! I thought I would get like 50 or something since I found the exam extremely difficult and left the exam room 1 hour early cuz I just gave up!
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    General Thoughts On The Exam

    I think it was so-so ... Didn't like the last 2 questions but I answered them fine.
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    how prepared r u for wednesday?

    Surprisingly people are on now! (check time posted) I'd better get ready now actually...
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    Urgent Query to do with Multiple Choice [All Subjects]

    lol i looked at em and didn't see a pattern until I concentrated... honestly I don't think they'll see it :(
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    My brother just found all of our old school games...

    Pfft you can still play all these games on your pc as roms Kings quest Police quest Pirate Speedball II Dogs of war Wizkid Leisure suit larrys All of them in one convient location without all the disk ejecting and stuff. I also play SNES/Sega games on my pc lol
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    Thinking about doing an all nighter

    Woo exam over!!!! Now that I'm back though, I don't feel like sleeping lol
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    Thinking about doing an all nighter

    Man I'm really starting to regret this all nighter... IM WASTED!!!!!! Im really looking forward to the afternoon after the exams so I can go home and sleep!
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    Thinking about doing an all nighter

    I think I'm gonna take a break and a shower to reboost ... energy and alertness Nobodies posted for a while, so thought I'd might!
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    Thinking about doing an all nighter

    Blah I'm so sick of Modern that I'm gonna take a major gamble and only prepare one answer for each section... Let's hope they give me the questions I want, or Im screwed!
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    Thinking about doing an all nighter

    Who else is still here? :D