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    Note taking: Laptop or Handwritten

    I find it much easier doing everything digital, and because of COVID my school has completely supported that in all senior subjects. Whether or not students stick to physical is still at their own discretion, but almost all senior classes use OneNote, and every staff and student utilises...
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    Texts and Human Experiences - Kenneth Slessor and Discursive Writing

    Thanks so much! I kinda wish I had to write an essay instead of composing a feature article with related texts because it feels more straightforward, but at least this will help me understand Slessor's themes, motifs and ideas.
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    Texts and Human Experiences - Kenneth Slessor and Discursive Writing

    Does anybody have any notes on any of Kenneth Slessor's poems and/or any tips you have for writing discursively? Thanks ☺
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    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to keep a digital logbook for the major work? Microsoft Word seems largely informal and I want something that will be professional for the final assessment. I'd also rather not keep a physical copy :)
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    Gaps in the curriculum

    Has anyone else noticed areas where different information is given in different subjects? In Aboriginal Studies I've been taught that in traditional Indigenous customary law, punishments and judgements were dealt by Elders of the particular community. Contrastingly, in Legal Studies it is taught...
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    Here are my notes, there might be some random specific things like outlaw motorcycle gangs and domestic and family violence :)
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    If you like I could gather my notes on essay structure and send them your way? I'm going to presume this is an assessment task that's like due today or something? My essay task I did from 2:30 to 4:30 the morning of :)
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    Help thinking of a creative Mini-Pip title

    Is there a few or one specific religion/s your mini-pip focuses on? Does your work take a positive or negative stance on the issue (I know it's not supposed to be biased, but it does have to be subjective)?
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    AbStudies Mini Project

    Does anyone have a good quality scaffold for a Year 11 research report relative to the subject?
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    Year 11 HSC Practice Exams

    Thank you so much!
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    Year 11 HSC Practice Exams

    Does anyone know any good places to find Year 11 HSC practice exams for Legal? Or any subject for that matter?
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    Please answer my questionnaire :)

    Girl let me tease my bestie and be on your way 😁
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    Help urgent!!!

    Hey there, I know this is an old post but just some general reminders. When referring to Indigenous Peoples, it's Aboriginal People rather than Aboriginals. Also make sure you always use a capital for Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Nations, etc. Use Peoples rather than People as all Indigenous...