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    19 mins wats everone doin
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    im still awak n its 5.30 haha
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    i am to i want to no but i dont but i do.. if that makes sense. i think it sgena be one of the scariest moments lol when that web page loads. do you know what newspaper? daily telegraph? smh? thanks gluk
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    im watchin house eps on dvd unitil 6. so bloody scared! hey does anyone no wat newspapers release the names and wat the names r of?
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    Friends post HSC

    i have no idea. already see us driting away as we move towards other things. really really sad actully as i thought id be frends with them always. and i love these girls. but lifes just rough. i just hate the mere thought that i shall become a "do you remember ..." to them. that burns me! i...
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    If you could go back to the beginning of the HSC...

    * GONE OUT MORE insted of hibanating during the hsc * used my teachers more & my textbooks * Fought for a mordern hist class * done 4u (soo badllly) * Either tried harder in phys or dropped it and keep pdhpe * Wish i did economics * Spent more time in the library Oh man HSC over...
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    Heya, should I be worried?

    you'll do fine if you HONESTLY put the effort in and work hard for the things that matter. But you mustttt stay healthy, exercise and enjoy these 2 years. dont go into hibanation like myself... lol it will SRSLY burn you out by the time you get to your final exams and your just OVER it. Balance...
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    Emptiness with End of HSC

    sometimes i miss school i miss learning and doing maths... maybe i miss it too cos i feel as though i could of done sooo much better despite my effort. I feel too free and like a wild child i have NOTHING holding me back.. no excuses not to do anything and eveything is soo uncoordinated &...
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    are you a english or maths person?

    agreeedddddd x 234543212346
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    DISAPOINTING you teachers.

    i wrote him a lenthy reply on how i am honeslty unsure about that test and how i feel i could have done better, puting in some postives like i enjoyed the mc.. Then i ended it with a massive thankyou and best wishes! He was the BEST teacher i swer! i hate that! Ohhh goodluck guys and thanks!
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    Your bedroom during the H.S.C =]

    haha thats soo funny bcos during the past month my room was a bombshell! clothes eveywhere! random V/ Krating Daeng cans eveywhere, coffee cups ! paper/notes u name it!, pens, maccas wrappers, EVERYTHING totally disgusting, wasnt caring about nothing. Oh btw this is quite sad but i began...
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    DISAPOINTING you teachers.

    gUys what do i doo? like ive worked really hard all year for chem, and did all the past papers and my lovly teacher checked them for me.. and well he just emailed me asking how i went with that test.. and im rather disapointed! i feel bad cos he worked soo hard on me but like... unoo how do i...
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    wanting 90+.. image geting 89.95 haha

    ^^ wouldnt that like TOATALLY suck.. lol
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    that was the weridesssssst test i dont know if i liked it or not! confused at the this state. i didnt find it EASY and i didnt find it hard but i just dont know..
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    Sign out day

    i have all these books i have to return and im excited about signing out, last official time at school! definatly doing it before the hsc results come out but.. lol and planing on smiling eveytime a teacher asks me about my tests.. "oh they were great sir.."
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    Anyone else put on a few kgs 'because' of the HSC?

    Oh definatly put on weight 'because of the hsc' After chem my healthy eating starts again! Ive honeslty been eating take away evey night too during the past month, also due to us having no kitchen due to renovations, but mainly bcos it was my break and idk but maccas made me feel better about...
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    How many people around here have chem as their last exam?

    lucky lastttt heres hoping and then FREEDOM!
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    Who is expecting to get spanked by chem?

    Omg yes im curious too! go you!
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    Who is expecting to get spanked by chem?

    well ive been raped by physics,, front back side to side. So chem shouldnt hurt to badd