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  1. B


    it was bullshit almost half the test was from 3 wuestions
  2. B

    What are all your MC answers?

    i think i only got about 15/20 but here are my answers b d a b a c a c d b c a b d c a<---this is wrong d b b d
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    answer to Q4 (multiple choice)

    the answer is B. my uncle is a science teacher and he said it is B C would have negative g-forces so theat is the least threfore it is b
  4. B


    im looking at band 4, if im lucky 5
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    estimate your mark! damn u elective

    i think i can get band six easy
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    MC Answers

    there are been 3 different answers put for 5 i thought it was D
  7. B

    ESTIMATE your mark!!!!!! but....

    im pretty sure 14 is B