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    Ancient History exam too long?

    i was the first to leave the ancient exam you cant write so much about bullshit
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    Does God exist?

    God only exist wheter you believe in him then he exists in your heart if you dont have god in your life your missing out god truely cares and looks after his children We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. We believe in...
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    World War 1 :(

    the BBC website was a big help when i had to do ww1 also HSC online has a number of souces and it discusses them check it out & good luck
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    General Thoughts: Modern History 2008 HSC Exam

    i thought that core was pretty easy section 3 personalities was easy i did william randolph hearst section 4 was as always easy and predictable but section 2 was the crapiest question i have ever seen in my life i was fuming USA is what i chose and it was a horrible question
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    Fire Up!

    i have realised that whatever they ask you you can always interpret it to your own way i pre wrote essays for almost all my subjects or planed mind maps and whatever they ask you you can use your info to answer the question HSC is easy guys people just talk it up too much good luck
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    DRAMA IP's : Help me please

    hey just relax and dont stay too long on an idea pick something and start working on it and your idea will gradually change over time and it will be perfect and dont panic about the examiners they are always nice and they laugh at everything make sure your idea is polished and done to perform...
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    HELP with IP

    i serzly dont know wat im supposed to do..... i need something original for my IP we have to start thinking from now wat to do sooo yeaaa any ideas anyone???