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    Hsc 2007 Results..not Happy?were You Treated Unfair? Read This And Sign My Petition!

    Re: Hsc 2007 Results..not Happy?were You Treated Unfair? Read This And Sign My Petiti "Darling, you're grammar is horrible as are your marks. " is this a joke?
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    Music 1 Scaling

    i did music 1 adv eng chem physics mathematics and scored 99.25 it can be done i had a very high music 1 mark tho
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    Clerical Recheck

    Wow - I didn't know that. Seems kind of odd. But who would complain about that? Do it if you have the money to spare, though from what I've heard not many people's marks change.
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    Clerical Recheck

    If you get lower on a recheck that's your new mark. It's a risk.
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    Hsc 2007 Results..not Happy?were You Treated Unfair? Read This And Sign My Petition!

    Re: Hsc 2007 Results..not Happy?were You Treated Unfair? Read This And Sign My Petiti Music 1 is not a Category B subject. True, it scales poorly (worse than visual arts, in fact) - but if you do well enough it doesn't matter. I did it because I enjoy music, and still managed 99.25
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    2007 Top 200 School Rankings Daily Telegraph

    Out of interest, how many of the public schools on the list are selective? Just wondering, because I think the greatest achievements would be non-selective public schools on this list, who accept everyone, not just the richest kids with the pushiest parents, or the ultra-smart ones. Not...
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    Official UAI Results

    99.25 Expecting about 95 so I'm stoked. Out of interest, are there any others that had SAM predict their UAI exactly? It seems like I'm the odd one out so far. Good ol' SAM had it down to the last 0.05.
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    Post Your UAI's Here

    got 99.25 and am absolutely stoked. Never thought it would be that high. Glad that this will get me a scholarship to help me thru uni. well done to everyone
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    Industrial Chemistry (Equilibrium model)

    People can rest easy. A person I know was told by a marker that those drawing up the marking criteria would take this into account. Should be all right.
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    Option - Quanta to Quarks

    What did people think of the option? That 7 marker allowed room for a whole lot of things. What did people think of the first question? The electromagnetic radiation required to remove an electron from the second shell of a hydrogen atom...well - isn't moving it up to the third shell removing...
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    physics exam

    FUCK. Ah that's crap. I used 1.37 (as in a 37% increase). Fuckin stupid. Ah well. I got 196 turns as well - pivot point was in the centre of the circle. That's where the axle went through from memory (if there even was an axle). Wow - people got huge values for that horizontal velocity...
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    physics exam

    Yeah this was weird this one. I had T = Fd for the weight. D was 0.1 m, 10cm was radius of perp. point to line of force. Force was given by mg. Let's say torque = x If this torque was just enough to balance it, then x = NIAB (Costheta = 1) so n = x/(IAB) ....i just realised that is...
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    physics exam

    That crappy little question...hated that. I'm convinced I have done something really wrong but here is what I had: I had range at 80cm, at about 92cm (or there abouts). I worked out it took about 0.2 seconds for the ball to fall 30 centimetres (maybe it was 2-3...don't remember). So, V =...
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    physics exam

    Question 8 I had D as well. I very nearly put 8. But yes, emf is change in flux/change in time. Think of a generator. When it is parallel to the plane of the field, the greatest change is ocurring, though flux is least. When the coil is at right angles to the plane of the field, max flux is...
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    Heisenberg and Pauli

    I'd be going with: Heisenberg: -Matrix mechanics (partial basis of quantum mechanics) -Uncertainty Principle (introducing probabilities -Derived the same equations as Bohr, using de Broglie's matter wave formula and his own...
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    Re: Mesons

    They decide to get along in mesons, I suppose. And I think mesons are any hadrons with an even number of quarks/antiquarks. Usually 2.
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    Please help => The production and reception of radio waves

    Rub a file along a length of metal and watch the sparks fly. Detect it with a small crystal radio (with a long loop of wire to resonate)
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    JJ Thompson Experiment

    While the charge/mass ratio is of course very small, it's probably important to say that most other charge/mass ratios are much smaller. In fact, from memory, the charge/mass ratio of the electron was considered quite large (relatively). A proton has a much smaller charge/mass ratio. So this...
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    meissner effect ... lenzs law? eddy currents?

    A defining aspect of superconductors is their ability to expel all magnetic fields. Of course, levitation. I was under the impression that there were two ways this could happen: 1. Dropping a magnet onto a superconductor will induce currents that repel the magnet (Lenz's Law). So it will...
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    What is the Band 6 cut-off

    Fucking good, that's what that'll get.