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    Email: re submitting works for showcase

    I got one! I wonder how many people they send that email to?
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    need context for related text?

    Small amounts of contextual details should be integrated as part of your analysis to support your argument, but it shouldn't take centre stage (such as in Module A).
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    Urgent: 2nd Opinion needed on this FR/BR essay. There's no way it only deserves 16/20

    Re: Urgent: 2nd Opinion needed on this FR/BR essay. There's no way it only deserves 1 I had a skim-read, and this is the feedback that I have: Some of your sentences in your intro are a little sloppy; 'brings light upon' doesn't really make sense, aim for something more sophisticated like...
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    Creative Writing

    Agreed. Even if you research, it often doesn't work well - my friend wrote one and it sounded like a wikipedia article (and she is a brilliant writer). If you don't want to change your story, consider adding another 'dimension' to make your character authentic. I personally like the use of...
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    Too much? Just right?

    I reckon that word count sounds good! But apart from just memorising word-for-word the story, have a back up plan. Some advice I was given for creative writing is to have scaffolds: outline in notes or dot points the basic structure, features, characters and themes/concepts of your piece, and...
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    Best books to read for area of study: Discovery

    Discovery is very much like belonging in that almost every text has some aspect of the concept within it. My related text was 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad, an excellent novella. Other texts that people I know did include 'Looking for Alibrandi (film/novel), Memoirs of a Geisha (novel)...
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    When are your half yearlies?

    My school decided this year that year 12 wouldn't have a formal half-yearly exam period. It's now up to our teachers if they want to have an in-class examination, or just another assessment task, but either way it's a serious disadvantage for my cohort because we don't get the necessary practice...
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    Anyone in year 11 from a normal public school.. lol

    I go to a run-of-the-mill public school in an area that's not particularly renowned for its academic prowess in high schools or university, and I really don't think it's fair to call people "dropkicks" just because they don't meet your standards. I mean, not everybody is academically oriented or...
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    Genre Theory?

    My teacher gave me a book on Crime genre theory: "Private Dicks and Feisty Chicks" by Cathy Cole - she's a crime writer. I also bought an eBook called "Genre" by John Frow. I've only skimmed both books but they look good and very quotable. Hope this helps!
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    I think 1500-1600. Some modules/electives might mean you need more words. I study Crime and my creatives tend to be quite long as it's harder to put in a complex clue puzzle, etc. The word limit your teacher gives you for an assessment task would be a good indication of what is required.
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    Crime Related Texts

    My teacher said that it's best to avoid texts that are from the canon, simply because they limit your discussion about the subversion of conventions and representations of different values, so in my eyes, lesser-known texts are fine. I've chosen one myself! So long as you have chosen texts that...
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    Public debating tips or advice?

    Hello! I've done quite a lot of debating over the past couple of years, and this is what I've learned: -Choose a speaking role that you feel will be best for you. First speaker will do lots of introductory stuff, very structured and formulaic, and you have to remember the details of your role...
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    What are your favourite subjects?

    Advanced English, EE1, and Studies of Religion!
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    Hows everyone going?

    I've currently got ~4,700 words, about two thirds of the way through the plot of my story. Hit a bit of a writer's block recently. Journal is coming along well with articles/journals/interview transcripts/artworks/photocopies from books. Pretty happy with my progress but I wish I had a finished...
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    What is difficult in Preliminary Chemistry?

    Literally everything. I don't think I'm cut out for hsc science... But calculations and remembering the difference between different kinds of bonds and being able to identify them in different questions were my biggest downfalls. I ended up giving up and just dropping the subject, it's...
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    How many fancy words in Creative?

    Don't forget that many writers use very little fancy language, sometimes none, because it can create a certain and powerful effect and voice. Try and write the way it comes naturally to you, and let other parts of your work do the talking (structure, great punchy dialogue, whatever). Not...
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    Survey for Society and culture

    Done! Great topic :)
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    any good laptops?

    I use the Acer Aspire S3 Series, and it's probably the best laptop I've had. I think it cost me around $800-900, but I imagine it would probably be cheaper now. I can't tell you much about the technicalities of it since I'm technologically illiterate, but it hasn't died on me yet and I've never...
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    Synonym for walking nervously?

    That's a seriously nice word.
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    Belonging - essay structure?

    Try and keep it somewhat even - it doesn't have to be perfectly 50:50 by any means. Like someone above mentioned, it might be reasonable to ditch that third paragraph due to assessment word limit, time restrictions and your handwriting speed. Two in-depth, well done paragraphs are much better...