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    actuarial exemptions

    Eh, this is out of date. There have been changes to subject exemptions starting next year. See here Main differences are that for the Economics component, only Macro 1, Micro 2 count (no longer Micro 1, Macro 2) Also the exemptions regarding ACTL2003, 3001, 3003 have changed. The...
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    Why can't you combine BSc (Adv Sci) with Commerce???

    No, its not because of the need to do 2 majors in Adv.Sci degree (because in the normal Sci degree, your also required to do 2 majors, or 1 major 1 minor) At UNSW, there are only 2 differences between Adv. Sci and Sci. 1. There are some extra options within Adv. Sci, that you can't do...
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    Sci/Comm where?

    It really depends on what you plan to do within commerce and science (ie. what majors you want to do) If you want to do commerce/advance sci, you can only do that at usyd (it basically gives you a wider range of options of majors to choose from) At UNSW, its 4 years because you do 2...
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    It's Out.. ^^

    beta testing tends to last awhile though for international ragnarok, it lasts for a year or so been playing rag for the last week non-stop lol. feel addicted
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    any1 receive actuarial coop interview offer?

    co-op refers to scholarships offered by UNSW, for the opportunity to work with companies and study at the same time there's no interview process for actuarial itself, though for co-op there obviously is. its more based on your math mark than your UAI, since you may have the UAI (the UAi for...
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    When is the last day to pay sem2 fees?

    oh woops hmm...i haven't paid anything what happens about those fees? :p
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    What extra-curricular activities are YOU part of?

    CBS and rockclimbing rockclimbing definitely worth it! $30 for whole year, and u can go every fri nite, with free harness.
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    any1 receive actuarial coop interview offer?

    yea i'm still around - just not around too often nowadays. life is busy :) aspect used to be around, but donno now.
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    Question for actuarial exemption

    quick question: in that document maniacguy put up, about actuarial exemptions syllabus changing, there's a part on pg3 i don't understand the next part i get (i.e. alternatively, do the other subjects for CT4/CT6 and hope the average overall is over 65), but what is the "103 half of the...
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    Session 1 Results

    i reckon! his got his own sense of style :p
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    Session 1 Results

    S1 ACTL2001 Financial Mathematics............67 CR S1 ACTL2002 Prob & Stat for Actuaries........71 CR S1 MATH2111 Higher Several Variable Calc.....67 CR S1 PHYS2030 Laboratory A.....................81 DN S1 PHYS2040 Quantum Physics..................84 DN i seem...
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    Good luck all ==> phys1131

    well, when i did it last year, my final mark was a lil less than i expected, but not by much (and my expectation had included some scaling) i'd have no idea about the passing mark for the exam, but i believe we didn't receive that great amount of scaling. i got 80 for phys1131
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    so, who do you know or have seen/ stalked?

    haha oh man, crazy! thought most of u guys would be hanging upper campus or camping in the comsoc office :p i'm usually hanging with a buncha 3rd yr comm/law ppl don't really see many 2nd yr ppl there often! except when they're playin soccer on the quad lawn
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    so, who do you know or have seen/ stalked?

    seen no one and probably never will :p i'm always hiding in the colonnade
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    UNSW Examinations FAQ

    this is the only info i could find on this matter however, your excuse doesn't look that great, so they may not accept it. shouldn't they have let you into the exam room? my friend came in half an hour later, and still did his...
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    i want to buy a laptop

    wow, where'd u get it from?? the packard bell site says that that lappy is like $3799!
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    MATH 1131 / 1141 exam tips from veterans

    me? also aspect and mill there's not really much to say in terms of advice lol. just do all the past papers, and make sure u know everything in your lecture notes? they have a habit of being nasty
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    Calling all university students!

    this thread reminded me of all the advertising for being done at unsw (not sure about other unis) except that one's dumb cause u need to upload something in order to become a member and get the actual notes (i wonder what would happen if i uploaded a blank document?) the...
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    Exam Locations

    for the randwick ones, if your lost, just ask someone there, or find someone who's doing the same exam as u in the same room. it can get confusing trying to find the room first time around (even with the maps there)
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    What uni's best for actuaries

    then do stats if u can't get into actuarial. (and u don't like english as much) both are in demand