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    Purchasing Raw Marks and Remarking

    If it's a clerical check then they won't deduct any marks you should've lost, you can only gain marks. But if you pay for a remark which I think you can, then you will get the new mark whether you lost or gained marks. There is a way to get your responses back although I'm not sure how. My...
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    Uni preferences

    It's going to be tricky asking a QLD related question on the NSW forums, but here I think we have a last minute chance to change our preferences after we get our ATARs (equivalent of OP) before they are locked in and offers are released. If it's the same in QLD then I suppose you can change it...
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    Whose ready for english?

    I'm just worried that we'll be getting very specific questions for the modules, A: I'm doing poetry and only studied the few select poems that I'm going to be using, if they ask for a specific poem then I'm likely screwed. B: Character specific C: Non-generic questions will be very hard to...
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    Subject Selection for yr 11& 12

    English - Not much difference to the things we studied in the previous years, but there's a lot more focus on the theme of the module rather than a straightforward text analysis. Maths - Advanced maths and to a greater extent extension maths is a big step up from year 10. It's challenging but...
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    The reason question 16 was hard was that the questions required a lot of working out. I knew what to do, but it's not easy trying to pull through with a lot of working out especially when you're not given nice, round numbers to work with.
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    Economic enterprise for people and economic activity

    The enterprises listed in the syllabus are only examples, you don't have to do any of them. However, you do have to do it on a very specific business/company.
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    Unblock Cool Maths Games

    I haven't been on it for a while, but I don't think Cool Maths Games is actually blocked. It happens occasionally when there's an "Access Denied" that shows up. It should be fine after a while.
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    How many 5-minute English speeches would most likely be completed in 1 period?

    You're kinda in the danger zone there. I doubt the class would be eager to present, so a lot of people would try to buy time, but there will probably be a couple of people before you who didn't prepare at all. My guess is about 5-6 speeches in the period max.
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    Try doing some past papers if any are available to you, open book is fine if you need to. It's a lot easier memorising things when you actually apply the knowledge and think about it then just reading your notes over and over again. Something else I do is to just get up and pretend I'm making a...
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    Bio, Physics and Chem

    I'm only doing phys, currently in Prelim There's 4 Modules that are split into a few topics: 1 - Kinematics (motion in a straight line, velocity, acceleration, displacement and all that kind of stuff) 2 - Dynamics (Forces, energy, work, Newton's Laws) 3 - Waves and Thermodynamics (Waves - Light...
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    Do Students generally perform better in year 12?

    Not necessarily, you never know what's going to happen in year 12, but if you are studying properly and work hard, then there's no reason you won't do better.
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    Help need to choose James Ruse or Sydney Boys high school

    I think a made the wrong assumption that the boy was entering year 9 or 11, my apologies.
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    Help need to choose James Ruse or Sydney Boys high school

    Wow, I can't believe I just did that. i wish I was as motivated to study as I was to type up that long winded argument.... :'(
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    Help need to choose James Ruse or Sydney Boys high school

    Seeing as your profile indicates that your HSC year, I'm going to try to base my arguments from my experiences in Year 7 and * at SBHS. 2-3 hours of Saturday sport is not going to take a toll on your personal wellbeing or academics in any way. I'll be surprised if someone actually said that...