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    Powerplay Texts

    try one of kimon merengo's cartoons, they often depict scenes of war and dictators, i recently looked at "dictators all" by him and it was focused on mussolini and other fascists who looed up to him such as hitler, kemal ataturk etc. to fully understand the cartoon though i needed to research...
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    VET RETAIL hsc course for 2006/7

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone knows whats in the year 12 hsc course for retail? I need to do well so i can get my certificate so i need to know what sort of things they emphasise inthe yr 12 course and exams. If anyone has either finished the course already or doing it or knows about it...
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    if youre really good at retail id stick with it, i did a traineeship for a year and had to do retail as a compulsary course, but when i got my timetable for yr 11 i had ancient history classes at the same time as retail except for one lesson a fortnight, so for my half yearlys i got 52. they...
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    Year 11 Advanced English - Area of Study

    for our year 11 adv. english this year we did ASIA as an AOS, we looked at different texts which show diversity in asia. we read fortune cookies by christine harris, which i found helful as it shows different stories of asian people from different loacations eg, a chinese girl living in...