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    if english wasn't compulsory

    If universities make it a requirement for some more popular courses, I imagine there wouldn't be that low of a drop(maybe a half or less dependent on what courses ofc) but if they make other humanities such as Ancient, Modern or Legal acceptable replacements, I can see the the numbers dropping a...
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    remember guys, if you fked up your HSC

    I can't possibly see why an employer would ask for your ATAR, it is truly is a horrible measure of job suitability. Especially if you consider those jobs that are so 'competitive' that they could theoretically ask you for it, would generally be ones that are academic and require a degree of some...
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    Mark predictions!!! (adv.)

    This pretty much sums up what I think I'll get :haha:
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    Atar Estimate Please :)

    Thanks people for the timely responses, its appreciated. Out of curiosity as I'm not very well versed in how the system exactly works, does the fact that 95+% of the grade get band fives and above in English affect my atar at all or are ranks really that important? Sorry if it seems like a...
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    Atar Estimate Please :)

    School rank: ~190 Adv English: 31/64 Adv Math: 17/63 Ancient: 6/17 Chemistry: 10/19 Biology: 8/80 Hoping for a 80+. Thanks guys :)
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    ATAR estimate please

    History and English are imo vastly different subjects. While someone may have good a English capacity, doing well in the subject requires you to be far more conceptual in your arguments than in history where your argument its drawn from 'facts'-at least in the case of Mod and ANH. Although I do...
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Thanks guys, really appreciate it:)
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Thanks, and yeah I will try, Ive been having a horrible year and dropped from 3rd in Ancient, Chemistry and Biology as well as dropping from 20 in Adv English. Out of curiosity, if I was to get close to those marks again what would I be looking at?
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Hey guys, I'd appreciate it if someone could give me an estimate of my Atar, thanks:) Adv English 30/70 Avd Math 20/73 Ancient 11/19 Chemistry 11/15 Biology 11/90 School rank around 190's hoping for 80+