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    Japanese Continuers - how'd everyone go?

    argh. hehe.. i just finished in time and my last writing didnt make sense. MAJORLY lacking senior structures. -_-'''
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    Binomial sucks

    Hehe! yeah.. heh i just got it.. -__-- i still hate binomials.. thanks:D
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    Binomial sucks

    Can anyone please tell me how to do this question. (1+x)^2n by expansion prove 2nC0+2 nC1+2nC2+...+2nC2n= 4^n the 4^n part is killinh me how do you miraculously get 2n--> n?? this might be a really stupid question. but im stuck.>< Thank YOU!
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    omg thats what i want to do hehee.. an architechture/arts degree except im in year 12 next year does anyone know what are the major differences between interior archi and just archi.. becuz im stuck:D! hehe fank youuuuuuuu
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    Does anyone do languages?

    i was thinking more of a Barch/B Arts... coz im doing japanese now so i was thinking of continuing japanese in uni
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    Does anyone do languages?

    I was wondering what studying a language like japanese would be like in uni?
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    Ok, it's time to...

    queer stuff does anyone think homosexual relationship can be as romantic as heterosexual relationships?