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    Inaccurate physics questions in exam

    I agree totally with you, however the HSC is about knowing what's on your syllabus and a simple matter of knowing the type of questions they ask. That's exam technique - if it was a written question they would of had it checked and since it is a correct answer you would probably get the marks...
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    girls doing physics

    I think that's just something some guys do with everything. We have a female physics teacher which is pretty cool, although most of our lessons were dominated with sexist jokes :P Our teacher laughed with us trying to make note of all women's achievements in physics. We have one girl in our...
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    Paper Leak!

    lol if it's a fake leak then those cheaters are gonna get screwed over, only study a couple of specific questions and then when its not in the test they get screwed over haha Jason
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    hardworking Vs. intelligence

    Intelligence really helps, but then there are people who are knowledgable but absolute idoits. Like they don't do class work, homework etc but outside of school they know quite a lot about science for example. If they just put a little bit of hardwork their marks would sky rocket. I also...
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    Thoughts on Music 1 Aural Exam

    Awesome music 1 test :D Me and my friend always hope for a jazz song for Q4 (we are jazz freaks :P) - when that came up in Q4 a hi five was called for, but silly exam rules ruined the moment XD. I was hoping for a duration question - got it, although I would of prefered better pieces to talk...
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    Unseen texts.

    9 out of 35?
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    When is your last exam, and what are doing right after it?

    Software Design and Development, 3rd Might just scream around the school and sprint home... Then scream some more, then go out partying.