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    I am about to begin my final year of podiatry at QUT and i would have to disagree with the above post. I think that the QUT course is one of the best in Australia. Keeping in mind that there arent many universities that offer the course (no uni's in sydney offer the course). Word on the...
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    Ingrown toenails

    Hi rozymisty, Not sure if you had this problem sorted yet, but it sounds like your GP is a tad misinformed about the only way to treat this problem. Im a third year podiatry student at QUT and a nail wedge resection is a simple procedure performed under a local anaesthetic - meaning you are...
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    New podiatry course at UNCLE orimbah

    podiatrists dont kiss feet - trust me
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    Jobs in brissy

    There are plenty of jobs around coz there are less students up here ;)
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    Mobile Fone Water Damage

    Ok this seems to happen to me a lot. My mobile fone was in my bag, and my drink bottle spilt all over it now it wont turn on. I have let it dry out for 3 days. It still wont turn on. Is there anything i can do? Its still under warranty but i doubt they will fix it coz they always just cry...
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    Jodi Piccoult

    Perfect match deals with child molestation. I dont know if thats the one u r talking about
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    Jodi Piccoult

    hahahahahhahahaha good call
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    Jodi Piccoult

    How awsome is she!!! I have read: - the pact - awsome - my sisters keeper - omg get out the tissues for this one! - vanishing acts - crappest by far - too hard to get into - perfect match - good but hard to identify with nina - the tenth circle - great to start with but fell off a bit at...
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    Help - Training Program

    PNF stretching is a stretch, followed by a contraction, followed by a stretch. You need a partner to do most of them
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    Podiatry n e 1?

    Hey there, I am in Brisbane doing the course at QUT. I am in second year and i really enjoy it, but it is very demanding in terms of hours at uni and work at home. I have 34 contact hours next semester compared to some friends of mine in other courses who have 12. In terms of sciences, it...
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    swimming training program help!!!

    You have to look at the swimming season - where are the major meets (march and september usually). You have to talk about building up aerobic capacity, then speed work and strength work and then tapering for peak performance. Work out what the main energy systems are, then figure out how to...
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    Yeah totally agree about the guild. Its dodgy as!!! lol! And now we have that shit food at uni on top of everything else!! Totally dodgy! I am in 2nd year so it couldnt have been me that stuffed your toes!! I start seeing patients in 2 weeks!! You'll have to come back in and see me!! lol...
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    Health & Physical Activity

    Health is a really dynamic term. It means different things to different people and it is constantly changing. Likewise, Physical activity means different things to different people. For example, a boy in a third world country (i.e. low socioeconomic status) may regard physical activity as...
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    anyone studying in QLD??

    Im at QUT and its a really good uni. Brissy is a great place to live!
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    woohoo! We get our own thread....finally. Lol I havent really got too much to say. I go to QUT, i am doing a double degree in Podiatry and Human movement.
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    Is bio needed for nanotech?

    yes - it will help with any kind of life science
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    Podiatry at csu

    I am doing podiatry and human movement at QUT in Brisbane. Its a tough course and you have to be prepared to do a lot of study and put in a lot of hours. First year is basically all science - Chemistry, physics, pathology, epidemiology etc. second year you start working in the clinics at the...
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    WOrk Load of DOuble Degree e.g. BCom/BSci VS a Single Degree BCom

    Double degrees are a fair bit more work. But it is worth it in the long run - for that extra work you end up saving time.
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    Medical Science and GAMSAT

    What the hell? I read someone post that a person "failed the interview". How can you fail an interview!! Obviously you just werent what they were looking for! I doubt anyone that actually got an interview was that appalling that they stamped a big fat fail on their file! lol! Anyways what i...
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    Teaching Pdhpe

    The only thing is that there are a lot of people that are doing human movement, exercise sport science type degrees that are coming through and finding that there are very limited jobs unless they have connections with an institute of sport. These people tend to do a dip ed and become pe...