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    ENGL1005 - Language and Image

    hated it but it was pretty easy...and had an open book exam! hehe try and get Craig as your tutor he was soooooo awesome if you lazy and dont like work this is a good subject
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    Study guide!

    the mac ones pretty good for minoans, but youd hsoul try and get your hands on something better gay calender (i think that her name..she does teh study day talks in north sydney!) has a pretty handy text book that you shoudl look at (hey its been 3 yrs give me a break haha)
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    Augustus Quotes

    res gestae should be used (always helpful) also shoudl look at how tactus, suetonius etc ect see what he does. really you shoudl quote your primary evidence and just paraphrase your secondary, there not that interested in how syme sees his position, there interested in how you can assess...
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    The USYD 'Get Fat and Fail' thread

    umm meat pie and coke...while pretending to study film and history
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    majorwork structure

    hey, mines on this page and i got 100% for it and i based my structure of one which won state awards try and get your hands on that booklet of teh award winning ones cos it gives you and idea
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    essay and synposis

    yeah some peopel just ignore the word limit for some unknown reason. Or they invest in amazing amounts of footnotes. 2500 words is whats neeeded
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    BA students - Fun & Games With Admin Snafus!

    hey have you enrolled? cos if you havent you need to do so by the 6th, otherwise im pretty sure they will re bill you. If your worried just contact the student union, they grant extensions im sure theyll give you one!
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    2nd year subjects in 1st year for Arts Advanced

    Hey guys, You cant do an advanced subject first semester in so you do get a chance to meet people who may be in some of you other courses and stuff. I found it was better becuase you a) get more choice and b) it stops you getting bored, if you though cant find a second year course you...
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    Q's for students studying Arts Adv.

    Depends what year your in, you cant do second year subjects in your first year semester one (though you can in semester two) theres also a limit to how many advanced cfredit points you can take Glenda Sluga is the degree advisor, contact her for more information!
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    Ever hooked up eith your Ex's best friend??

    im not making him leave her and ive never told him to lol i odnt interefer to much i like him...we got drunk and huge amazing deal there and his gf knows about me..infact refers to me as his second gf and appears completely unfazed.... so meh lol i never said i was planning...
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    Ever hooked up eith your Ex's best friend??

    in futher background....i havent been with the ex in over a year but were friends but he still likes me and feels the need to tell me once a week and get told no sorry dont feel the same mainly he has to do group work with the friend and thats slightly akward! main issue is i like boy, boy...
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    Ever hooked up eith your Ex's best friend??

    im a character oo go me...though i think im older than you
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    Ever hooked up eith your Ex's best friend??

    ummm im sorta having some weird thing with an exs friend...not best friend...uni aquatence mroe so but i met him through the ex..and teh ex still likes me so its complicated at times...and teh guy has a gf but fools around with yeah ahha screwed up aint ok though cos i live in...
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    yes but make sure th quoted you use are relavant to the question! and make sure you dont use them in teh place of actual thought! ull get better marks if you show critical thought of sources than you will for merely knowing they are out there
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    ancient history essay help

    ok ill just quickly post up some advice but if u want more in depth usyd has a history essay guide which covers everything from research to writing thatll help! intro - first off u need to introduce and give some backround to augustus...who what ect! - define and terms and make it...
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    Official sign in if you've started studying for exams thread

    ok i just started studying...i have my last exam this weekend...ive alreday done two ... hrmm not good lol
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    Semester I exam chatter

    hrmmm i had my first take home over the first weekend of stuvac which sucked....cos i had other stuff due on the tuesday and my internet stuffed up for teh first hour of the exam! umm had my second last weekend which was easy now i have my last exam over this weekend too! i dont get...
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    Semester Two subjects

    anhs re thinking history part 2 (honours prep) anhs roman imperialism (yet oddly counting it to a history major) anhs the world that alexander made engl world of fantasy and im considering doin mdst crusades to the questioning ancient, the rome course is alot better/easier than...
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    Studies in Ancient Rome textbook???

    try or your school library! really its not a great thing to use theres lots better out there...but thats a whole thread in itself!
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    hrmm i did bodica in year 12 somewhat cos its part of accountin for foriegn poilcy ok simple answer would be that Boudica was reacting to the rape of herself and daughters and the annexation of her client kingdom. They felt they should have been able to remain somewhat indepent which had...