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    What time does your school start?

    8:40 for pastoral everyday, with classes starting at 9 school finishes at 3
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    what pulls u away from your study?

    i'm like u gangles, i clean lol...i throw out random items in my room and around the house 2, just so i feel like i am doing something productive....otherwise msn and myspace!!
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    anyone else doing forensics this year

    we r doing it...i like it, its pretty easy if you've watched alot of those csi/ncis kinda shows on tv coz then u already have a general idea...its also the shortest option.
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    Solid state devices: implications for society and the environment

    We have an assessment and there are 4 different areas we need to cover and one particular one says: H4 : Solid state devices: implications for society and the environment i cannot manage to find this anywhere on the net or in my textbook and seeing as it is not a direct syllabus dot point...
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    Any ideas for fun things to do at schooliez?? an ne1 off to airlie wk 2??

    hey we might be going to airlie in week2, heard that its a hole at that time tho coz theres nothing to do...did u hear something different?? plz let me know wateva u know lol tahnx
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    Decarbonation of soft drink

    Hey ok so some of u might recall helping me during the holidays with some questions i had about the decarbonating soft drink prac.... one question was about Le Chatelier's Principle and to give a specific example in nature. After hearing many of your opinions about the example in nature, i...
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    Ne1 goin 2 Airlie Beach+Long Island skooliez?

    hey...7 of my friends and i r all goin up to airlie beach...apparently its really good up there with heaps of activities and clubs and it should be heaps of fun...if u wanna go there tho, book soon coz heaps of places r sold out already!!! i hope that helps u!!
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    how many ppl in ur Ex2 class

    we have 9ppl in ours....8 guys and one girl (me) plus a guy teacher so im way outnumbered!!