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    Long Hair On Guys

    I suppose it's because the majority of the time i see a guy with long hair, it's usually pulled back in a greasy ponytail or it just doesn't suit them. Although, guys with semi-long hair, with a fringe (scene/emo) looks alright. But it really depends on the guy.
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    Long Hair On Guys

    Well my personal opinion is that guy shouldn't have long hair. And the thought of hair halfway down their back gives me shivers. But that's just my opinion.
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    Long Hair On Guys

    Anything past shoulder length I guess. But even to shoulder length is too long for me. Halfway down the nape of the neck maybe? What are your opinions?
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    Long Hair On Guys

    I know someone probably has already done a thread on this, but it's long gone. And I'd like to know what society thinks of guys with long hair today. So. Do you like or hate guys with long hair? Or do you think it depends on the type of person? Discuss. (Personally, i dislike it).
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    Campbelltown Campus Thread

    This thread failed. I was at uni 5 days a week. :( I'm hoping sem 2 is better.
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    Microsoft Office 2010

    Campbelltown..? Lol How will i know when it's released? Thanks :)
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    Microsoft Office 2010

    Has it been released in Aus yet? :/ (I know nothing about technology >.<) When it is released, where can i get it? Thanks in advanced :) :shy:
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    PHYSICS - The acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum

    How the hell do i do this? Using the value of T and Delta-T and the value of l, calculate a value for acceleration dye to gravity (g) and the uncertainty in this value (Delta-g). Keep the calculation at at least 4 sig. figures. T =1.7025 Delta-T = 0.0065 l = (0.712 plus/minus .002) m g...
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    Medical Science - Campbelltown Campus :]

    Any one on bos who's doing this? I hope to see you all. :] I definitely know i'm dreading the 8am lecture on Monday. =( 8am!!!
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    Oh.. =/ Um WileyPLUS is some registration thing for Principles of Chemistry.. I never did chem in my hsc so FML!
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    I need to register my Wiley PLUS but idk the url.. :/ Do i have to wait until uni and ask the professor what it is? I'm so confused right now. -_-
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    Where Am I? =(

    I'm super confused about where all my lecture/tutes/pracs will be held. For the Campbelltown Campus. For Example: If my location was 30.G.206 for a Biodiversity Lecture. Would i be going to Building 30, Ground Floor, Lecture room 206? Or would it be in Building 21 as that's the building...
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    Post your timetable 2010

    If my Calculations are correct, then my timetable would look somewhat like this: =(
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    When does Uni start?

    Thanks in advanced :)
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    Who feels really bad about their Atar?

    Me :( :( I got in the 60's too. Stupid scaling!!! But there are other ways.. Just go to a shit uni, a shit course for a year, do really well, and transfer. That's what im going to do anyway.. :/
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    Stat test?

    Can i still do it? What exactly is it and will it improve my ATAR? I fucked up my HSC majorly!! =( Thanks in advanced for any advice.
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    Bos is broken (On my computer anyway)

    Its also doing the whole 500 - Internal sever error thing now again :( Bos really should have gotten a better sever.
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    Bos is broken (On my computer anyway)

    Thanks Brontecat. :) (I will attempt to rep you, if i can find it >.< ) And at Tim, Try being a little nicer? Clearly, i didn't notice the thread as all these little image boxes are annoying.
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    Bos is broken (On my computer anyway)

    Majority of images aren't loading up :| Its was almost impossible to make this thread. Basically. Bos doesnt seem to want to load up properly when i use google chrome. It works fine on ie and firefox, but i use chrome as my default, and its a lot easier to use chrome. So is it fixable...
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    Do you lose marks for having 2 related texts?

    Re: Called up Board of Studies regarding 2 related texts Did it say and one related text or and at least one related text? and i only just wrote one :spin: