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  1. AnnetteMelissa

    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    I thought it was a really decent paper, nothing too out of the box. There were a few challenging questions, but once I got my head around them I found them to be ok! In other news, I'm finished HSC forevs!
  2. AnnetteMelissa

    2010 Bio HSC Multiple choice answers pleaseee :D Hope that link works. If not, go onto the Board of Studies website, click on 2010 exam papers, scroll down to biology then click on the marking guide link. All the best!
  3. AnnetteMelissa

    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Nooo!!! Haha, oh well! But really well done to everyone who got it right! :)
  4. AnnetteMelissa

    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Well you may well be right! I wasn't saying I was right, I was just writing my answer, so you may be correct! Well done :)
  5. AnnetteMelissa

    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Not saying that I am right, but this is what I did: 22.35 * 40 gives a total of $894 per week. He gets $150 for a call out. The total number of hours of the call out are 5+1.5 = 6.5 6.5 * 44.70 (which is the double time rate)= 290.55 So, 894+150+290.55 = $1334.55 which was (c) Hope that helps...
  6. AnnetteMelissa

    What the hell.

    Whoops! Didn't see that littlemonster24 had replied, sorry! While we're on the topic, littlemonster24, how did you get 16% for part 2? That's what it says in my notes, but I don't understand why. If you could clarify it, that would be great, because my method seems a little convoluted! :) God...
  7. AnnetteMelissa

    What the hell.

    Okay, so this is from the 2008 HSC, and don't freak out because this question stumped me at first too! Part ii) states, "Rachel is 10 1/2 years of age"; I'm not really sure why the image you linked to has that information missing, but hopefully it will help clarify things! 1) If 2.5% of...
  8. AnnetteMelissa

    Section 3 - Extended Response

    I did the Crucible and thought that the essay question was quite good. My thesis that I had throughout all of my essays fitted good, it was "A sense of belonging is most powerfully influenced by the society individuals are part of." I won't write all of it, but it went on to say how society can...
  9. AnnetteMelissa

    What if?

    English is out of 105: 45 for AOS (15 for each section) and 60 for Modules, irrespective of whether or not it is Standard or Advanced. The Markers/Bored of Studies/etc. then scale this mark back down to 100 and do all the other scaling against the state, assessment mark, etc. Hopefully that...
  10. AnnetteMelissa

    English paper 2 trials

    No Fear Shakespeare have a range of Shakespearean texts, including Hamlet, in which the original text is on one page and on the other page it is in plain English. It is quite helpful as a reference, however when you are writing your essay be sure to use quotes that are from the original text...
  11. AnnetteMelissa

    Legislation regarding consent

    Hi, I am assuming that you are talking about consent as a defence, so as far as consent goes it is when the defendant can prove that they acted with consent from the victim. It is listed as a complete defence, and may be used in sexual assault cases but is not a defence for murder. Just be aware...