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  1. steffiiii

    Who else has butterflies and feel like they want to throw up?

    my feelings exactly. lol. more shoot myself than drink bleach though.
  2. steffiiii

    use of '&' in the hsc..

    technically they don't like it and you're not supposed to, but theyre not about to take off 5 marks because you occaisoionly use & or +. They say that it distrupts the reading process or something in english... but i don't think they'll hang you've for it if your content's solid.
  3. steffiiii

    Deutsch extension?

    although theajane is actually a born language freak, she is right - the actual level of german you need for extension isn't that much higher than for 2U. The written exam isn't too difficult if you have a good grounding in the language (and the first section is in English anyway) but you really...
  4. steffiiii

    red cabbage indicator experiment

    when we did it acid=>purple base=>green (almost emerald green) .... another question: did you guys use water or ethanol? cause text books say to use ethanol and we used water... what did you guys use?
  5. steffiiii

    The Dumbest mistake u've ever made in a Maths Exam

    in a really hard, frustrating and horrible exam that i thought i was failing I did about 3/4 of a page of working out to get: t=ln(1/199)/-200 then i punched it into my caclculator, got a negative number and wrote (in a state of frustration because i was running out of time) "therefore i am...
  6. steffiiii

    transcription errors

    in some circumstances you could get zero. that happened to me. 3 whole marks... *poof* GONE! they may not be so mean though.
  7. steffiiii

    Can I use pencil?

    Although the exam does say write using only a blue or black pen, you can actually write in pencil - it's not like the maker is going to be like OMFG he/she used pencil. WRONG. a right answer in pencil is still right. it's obviously not advised, but if you draw a graph in pencil and use it for...
  8. steffiiii

    2008 HSC Timetable

    17th - English Adv 20th - English Adv 21st - German 27th - Maths 2U 29th - Maths Extension 30th - English Extension 6th - Chem 13th - German Extension Gay timetable... not only do i finish late but I have no time to study for English extension cause I'll be madly trying to do maths...
  9. steffiiii

    Band 6 - Raw mark?

    yep, except i think E4 is the highest band. same difference i guess tho.
  10. steffiiii

    Essay length...

    Is anyone else finding it excessively difficult to condense everything into an essay that vaguely resembles something that can be written in an hour? I just can't seem to fit all 4 texts into an essay that's shorter than about 2400 words - and I can't write that in an hour. Any tips for cutting...
  11. steffiiii

    Thoughts on Chemistry CSSA paper

    I got 93% and was pretty stoked with that. The next mark below that was like 86% or something and our median was around 74% (i think...).
  12. steffiiii

    General thoughts on the 2008 CSSA Trial Extension 1 Mathematics Paper

    shit, you guys did well! (well done!). the median at my school was about 41/84 (ie a fail)... was everyone getting 78/84, or is that just excessvely good? I got 61% (51/84) and was pretty happy with that but I'm thinking that I should maybe drop it / give up on it if everyone else was getting...
  13. steffiiii

    2008 HSC Timetable

    yeah, i'm not overly happy but no exam on my birthday (or the day after) so i can't complain. They're just so spaced out considering my hardest exams are all so bunched up... oh well, it could have been a lot worse! Fri 17th Oct - English Adv Mon 20th Oct - English Adv Tues 21st Oct - German...