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  1. FootballHooligan

    Post your 2016 ATAR here!

    81.10, which exceeded what I thought I would get AND is enough to see me into the course I want if all goes to plan.
  2. FootballHooligan

    Estimated ATAR?

    Hey guys :) My ranks for the subjects I sat exams for are: Standard English- 2/56 Geography- 1/18 PDHPE- 10/28 General Mathematics 2- 28/54 IPT- 8/19 School rank is pretty grim, 433rd in 2015 :uhoh: Thanks :D
  3. FootballHooligan

    Exam Thoughts

    Enhance motivation= Goal Setting + Visualisation Manage Anxiety= Mental Image + Relaxation Techniques Setting realistic goals motivates the athlete to perform well Visualizing successful performance motivates athlete Mental rehearsing movements repetitively helps manage the anxiety of the...
  4. FootballHooligan

    Exam Thoughts

    Does anyone have the paper? Fairly simple for the most part, the five marker for Core 1 threw me off completely, as it did the rest of my cohort But hey now I'm a free mannnnnnnn
  5. FootballHooligan

    IPT Thoughts

    If this wasn't my second exam for the day and I didn't haven't another one today, I reckon I would've gone somewhat okay in this Got absoluted arseblasted
  6. FootballHooligan

    Easiest Paper Ever

    I worked it out like this 1) Found the rectangular area surrounding the marshmallows (20 x 15)= 300 2) The depth of the area (volume of the rectangular area) = 300 x 6 (height of two marshmallows) = 1800 3) Space covered by marshmallows = volume of marshmallows (58.9) x 24 = 1413.6 4) Subtract...
  7. FootballHooligan

    Easiest Paper Ever

    That was the answer :thrust:
  8. FootballHooligan

    Easiest Paper Ever

    I'm seriously expecting to get 80+ for this paper But being ranked 32/50 is not the best :P
  9. FootballHooligan

    Easiest Paper Ever

    The financial expectation question... Was the answer $0?
  10. FootballHooligan

    Easiest Paper Ever

    The marshmallow question was absolutely mint, I did a similar question last night in prep :D The coin one was interesting too, I wonder how many people picked up that it was capture/recapture method
  11. FootballHooligan

    Easiest Paper Ever

    That was, without a doubt, the easiest paper I've ever done for GM2 Finished with 25 minutes to go Hoping everyone else done well as well because my rank is shiza
  12. FootballHooligan

    trial papers from 2016 in General 2

    Does anyone have the full solutions to the Normanhurst Boys' paper? Really frustrating when they only provide you half of section 2....
  13. FootballHooligan

    General thoughts: English Standard Modules Paper 2

    BOSTES full dicking us with the specific story in Module A. Surely that's the first time that has happened? Apart from that, rest of the paper was easy.
  14. FootballHooligan

    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    The one with the guy sitting in the rain linked well to mine but I didn't get to finish how I wanted :(
  15. FootballHooligan

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    I answered everything but didn't finish what I wanted to (i.e. conclusion for creative and 6 marker for SA)
  16. FootballHooligan

    [Selling] Textbooks for all different grades---- PDHPE | IPT | MATHS & OTHERS

    Hey guys, I'm full getting pretty pumped for when I finish my exams in just over 2 weeks time! So when I have, I'll have no use for the books I currently have for a number of different subjects and different grades All prices mentioned are negotiable to an extent. HSC Textbooks Cambridge...
  17. FootballHooligan

    How many quotes are you doing for AOS essay?

    GG for me getting a band 6, I'm in standard :newburn:
  18. FootballHooligan

    Changing Related Text after trials

    Hey guys! I've just gotten my English Papers back and went pretty well, 81/105 (tied second in the cohort) which puts me between 2nd-5th for my actual rank. Paper 2 was especially well done, 51/60 with three 17's for my essays. However, my teacher made a comment on my Distinctively Visual...
  19. FootballHooligan

    How likely is it for me to get a double exam day in hsc ?

    I have been struck with the double exam this year (Geo/IPT). Luckily I am ranking well in both. All you have to do is just prepare well enough for both subjects and don't let the pressure take control of you. Plus, doing all the hard work early and ranking well after trials helps significantly...