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    Have a happy and safe Easter Hollidays everyone! -phizz
  2. phizz

    Internet connection

    I think csu has a dial-up service, but its expensive (I would guess) compared to most others anyways. This depends on whether you want to connect to adsl or dial-up, how much you usually download, and your budget. For a better list of ISPs and plans, go out and compare prices on each ISPs...
  3. phizz

    Laptop for uni

    I started out with a laptop, and it easily achieved all tasks I required it for uni work. However, the major downside was realized once FEAR and CoD2 came out and would never run :'( So for this year round I've opted for a nice Desktop computer. This lets me upgrade when I wont, for what...
  4. phizz

    Uni network and MMOGs? (wagga esp)

    Yep, internet was 11c per mb. And you only paid for mb's that weren't already cached on the proxy (or so they say). But now, according to my.csu internet charges statement: "NOTE: Internet Charges have been reduced to 2.75 cents per megabyte for 2006 (incl GST)."
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    Subject question

    Hey Bec, nice to hear from you. Yep, I'm back on Towers for another year *though I found out that I'll probably be completely broke afterwards*. But then again, its worth it! Hollidays have been good, I've done jack all......Had a Casino run for a week though that went in my favour :)...
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    Subject question

    If this is on your my.csu page, under 'my subjects'. Then I wouldn't worry about it too much. At first, only 2 of my 4 subjects showed on mine. Its probably due to the lecturers commitment to putting the subjects link up. You can check your enrolment through my.csu by going to personal...
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    n00b question

    Sure Sydeny Uni, UNSW, and UTS, have a higher profile to lil'old CSU in research, age, and distinguished alumni. But when an employeer (in my opinon) compares transcripts between a CSU and USYD graduate, obviously their going to employ the one with more higher grade average, and greater...
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    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    Ok ogm, I now understand your view where the motive for saving web pages determines the what is legal and not. This article gives a good example: For all that have shown an intrest to my theory, thankyou for clarifying what is...
  9. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    So anotherwords...all search engines are breaking the law?? Because they save material from a website onto their hard drives. Why are they exempt from this? And if this is the case, there should be no reason why I shouldn't sue ansearch or webwombbat??
  10. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    By publically free content, I did mean all content uder the public domain and intellectual property, provided it can be obtained freely and publically...However, under Australian law intellectual property is protected by copyright (as you said), but I intended it as an example of the content...
  11. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    If you look closely at most search engines, they will usually offer a cached version of most web sites (for example: google offers this feature)...If you think about it, what difference is there between someone downloading a web page for offline viewing, to a search engine allowing their cached...
  12. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    I have a quick theory to the discussion about downloading webpages: It seems that in actual fact that downloading entire web content can be demonstrated as legal relating to any search engine....All search engines firstly use a spider to find all open/public webpages and completely downloads...
  13. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    Then again, if any of us have ever used the record button on our VCR or tape player, or whatever without consent....we have essentially breeched a copyright law.... I don't know about you guys, but Im going for a clean slate....Im going to turn myself in for recording Wheel of fortune...
  14. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    Things could have changed these days, but at one stage any legal owner of software could make 1 backup copy of their media with consent from the copyright owner. However what is stated in any software's license is the will of its copyright owner, therefore if it states in the license that one...
  15. phizz

    WTF, i just want a website ripper

    It's legal to create one back-up copy of Media, provided: it is only software (or states in the license that it can be copied), and the end-user license deems it legal. I've got a question on the matter of websites...doesn't the copyright laws of websites relate to their origin? IE: A...
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    Argh, network help!!

    does file sharing work through the ethernet ports? One thing I can suggest, on each computer, right click on the network connection its using. Then properties > then select TCP/IP > Properties > make sure that all the addreses are obtained automatically. Now click OK and get out of that...
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    Problems with my camera ><

    possibly drop it on the floor? It got mine working at one stage.
  18. phizz

    Laptop Computers

    I definiately know steve, its been awhile since I've seen him though. As for Adam, I'm not sure if I've met him or not. I was talking to someone from tele point at DK pool, but I cant remeber if it was an Adam or an Adrian....does he know a Scott Johnson?
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    Laptop Computers

    I went to Wauchope High School. I don't really know too many people from tele point, but who knows, I might know him... What's his name?
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    mp3, wav, mp4

    A question MP3s: Since the compression algorithm moves out frequencies that the human ear cannot hear. Including the very low frequency range (below 10Hz). Is there a notable difference to the amount a sub-woofer puts out compared to non-lossey format? I know MP3s deffinatley seem to distort...