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    How to IPT into Adv Math from Commerce/Science

    Sounds like excuses to me. Why would all that mean you couldn't do well in maths? My school was ranked 120th when I did my HSC and I got band sixes for ext 1/2. It also doesn't add up to me how you say you really enjoy maths yet you couldn't get a band six in 2U. I'm not here to convince anyone...
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    How to IPT into Adv Math from Commerce/Science

    going into adv math (which requires an honours year) after doing only 2 unit + ext 1 and not getting a band 6 in either? unless there are some extenuating circumstances I don't understand why you are considering (or even want to do) advanced maths. I did honours in maths btw.
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    lol I did this course and had the complete opposite experience. MATH3121 PDEs Ease: I couldn't say Content: 9/10 Very interesting, especially the fourier/laplace transform stuff Lecturers: 9/10 I thought QT Le Gia was very good at explaining things on the board and tried to...
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    Living Out of Home: Our Stories

    damn, what suburb is this and how much is the rent?
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    how do i find a job this summer? fuck all experience etc

    the only real work experience ive had is at a fast food chain for 6 months a year ago and i dont have any extracurriculars or volunteering shit, so my resume is horrible. i dont have any referees either. im gonna have a truck load of free time after semester ends (2nd year uni) and i dont want...
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    wat is the difference between math and adv maths

    idk whether to do com and science(maffs) or commerce and adv math cause i heard they are the same thing i was interested in pure maths for the major but even tho its interesting and all idk if thats useful as a degree combined with commerce and the compulsory honours in the science part puts...
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    is strong

    is strong
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    hungry jacks interview

    the guy called me and I told him I had no school and stuff so he said in that case Ill hire you straight away but he also said lets finish the interview first (its tomorrow) do I need to prepare? also wat to wear
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    adv maths major

    o ok so u still get to pick one of the 3 majors?
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    adv maths major

    ye i read that but couldnt get alot out of it whats the benefit of getting into this? do you skip some topics/accelerate or something
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    adv maths major

    what is
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    Section II - Short Answer

    isnt the bilateral one cause it restricts non members
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    I have exams next week.

    big fap
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    for chemistry

    holy shit that sounds boring
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    Rate the Difficulty

    fitzpatrick the textbook guy used to set ext 2 papers?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    is the restriction y =/= 1/4
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    Erm... estimate your mark ...

    does terry lee do solutions for ext 1 as well
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    Dammit why is it so hot....

    how mach coals r burnt
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Re: paper how ru guys so smrt!!1!! evryon is getting lik 105 and stuff :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    thats wat i usually but couldnt get anywhere with this one poast solution pls