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  1. Kiya

    HSC results for Visual Arts

    yeah i was marked last in the class by the 3 teachers who marked ours, stupid cows.... so we dont get with our hsc results in the mail what our BOW mark was??
  2. Kiya

    Excel Books For Sale

    ahh ok sorry didnt see there was a board called that...and when i bought excel they werent bloody cheap!!!
  3. Kiya

    Excel Books For Sale

    Hey Year 11's! (next yr's yr 12) I have a few excel books I have for sale and wondering if any of u would like to purchase them. I have General Maths Advanced English Food Technology email me with offers ok - they are all in good...
  4. Kiya

    Return of BOW

    I got mine back as i signed out of school so it was back by the end of the HSC
  5. Kiya

    HSC results for Visual Arts

    how do u know what ur artwork got? my hsc mark was 79 my assessment 81
  6. Kiya

    pre-voccational course

    Anyone doing one of them at the moment at tafe?? I am doing a hospitality one.....all the same stuff i did in yr 11/12 but we are cooking different stuff.....its fun!! just wondering if anyone else was too...
  7. Kiya

    2003 HSC Marks

    English - 74 (band 4) Maths - 68 (band 3) LOL Art - 79 (band 4) Food tech - 75 (band 4) Hospitality - 71 (band 4)
  8. Kiya

    2003 UAIs

    I only got 57.4 ............ I know its crap and I dont care sharing it coz i know i dont need it and I know my subjects brought it down.....all u guys up in the 90's did great well done!!
  9. Kiya

    Top 120 Schools 2003

    wow trinity at 102....that schools in my town HAHA i knew we wouldnt make it.....typical sydney schools up the top.
  10. Kiya

    Who here got nominated for art express?

    so depressing to see all these good works!! I am so jealous!
  11. Kiya

    I Am The First One Done!

    This paper was easier then any other food tech exam I have done- thats my teacher for you. I finished at about 3:45
  12. Kiya

    Multiple Choice

    I honestly cant remember the order!
  13. Kiya

    predict ur marks!

    In my trials I only got 53% because my teacher doesnt like me, and shes a cow anyways so I am hoping i get better in the HSC
  14. Kiya

    Which Essay did U do???

    i had a hard decision of what to choose, but i went with 9
  15. Kiya


    4 out of 13 ppl in my class got short listed which i wasnt surprised at all, I was a little upset but hey wouldnt anyone. I knew my works were crap wish i did something else.
  16. Kiya


    man you are screwed then, coz my teacher reckons they could ask us about any assessment we did
  17. Kiya

    writing with blue pen

    I use Blue!!! Blues the best!!!
  18. Kiya

    In the skin of a lion

    The question was so crap when i read it i was like OMG what am I supposed to say it doesnt even relate to this text....but i didnt actually say WHAT reading i was doing but i talked about the workers and the light/dark motiff....but it wasnt very structured, i'd talk about one thing then start...
  19. Kiya

    Do u believe HSC markers are .....

    I forgot to pt my centre numbre and student number at the top of every page for maths! CRAP
  20. Kiya


    Guys, you should have covered gender issues in the assessment you did for this section. Where you had to pick a food manufacturer - if u remember it go and find it coz you SHOULD have covered gender issues, if they as a question about it they will probably relate it to the food manufacturer u...