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    Medicare Levy on Tax Return

    Are there any categories that make you exempt from having to pay a medicare levy as part of your tax eg. being a student, dependent etc.? I just cant remember if I've ever had to pay it previously or if I just have to pay it this year because I worked more and earned more money than I have...
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    Discounts for hoyts staff

    Bit late, but yeah it was 50c for a ticket when I worked there a few years ago but you could usually only get tickets to sessions that weren't busy (so basically most of the time).
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    MARK 3092 Brand Management Lectures

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone who has done this course could tell me what the lectures are like plus whether attendance is taken so I can rearrange my timetable if necessary so I wont have a massive gap between these lectures and the other classes I have on that day. Thanks.
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    Transferring to UNSW Law Requirements

    Hi, If anyone could help, I was just wondering about one of the restrictions to be able to transfer into law which is to not have failed any courses. However, in my first semester I failed a course but since then I have greatly improved my WAM. Therefore, I was just wondering how strict they...
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    What does this mean?

    Mine still says that at the moment too. Have your ones been removed?
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    Problems Logging Into Myunsw

    Thanks heaps for your help. Your first suggestion led to the same page but the second one worked.
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    Problems Logging Into Myunsw

    Nope, it sends me to this page Ive never seen before that just says TELT at the top and has lectopia links to my old courses and not much else on it really. So strange.
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    Problems Logging Into Myunsw

    Everytime I try to log in to myunsw it just sends me straight to a "TELT" page which has lectopia links for my subjects from last sem but nothing else. Anyone else having the same problem and being sent there instead of the other page which contains fees, enrolment, timetable, link to blackboard...
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    When Can We Choose Our Classes For Next Semester?

    As above, because when I go into the enrolment appointment tab it says you have no enrolment appointments for this term. So just wondering when we can start choosing? Thanks
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    Event Cinemas or Maccas?

    I used to work at Hoyts which I'd assume would be similar pay to Event. Wasn't that great, was only around $15 an hour for an 18 year old if I remember correctly. Still the actual work itself wasn't too bad and was pretty chill during the day (weekends / release of new blockbusters could get...
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    Alex Rider Series?

    I think its a pretty good series. I like the way its written cause it keeps you engaged + all the research the author does to make things sound accurate/real. My favs are probably Skeleton Key, Scorpia and Snakehead.
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    Thoughts on Pompeii and Herculaneum?

    That's true actually I forgot about that part of it. I too hated the archaeologists part of it but really enjoyed everything else like you said such as societies/religion/diet/employment etc.
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    Thoughts on Pompeii and Herculaneum?

    I actually thought it was one of the best units we studied, I just found it so interesting because when you think about the reasons it is important its actually quite amazing. Its a Roman town that literally got "frozen in time" and as a result has revealed some very important things about their...
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    ECON1203 Quitting?

    I agree ECON 1203 is hard (especially if you haven't done maths like me) but all im aiming for is a pass, which you can probably achieve too. The assignment is worth 20% not 30%, so if you just pass in that, the quiz and the first exam and then get 50% in the final exam you should be able to...
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    Anyone Done GENT0911 Murderers and Medical Detectives?

    As the title says has anyone done this course? I need to choose a GenEd and this one sounds pretty interesting but it doesn't look like many people do it based on the classes.
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    ECON 1203 Project

    Just wondering what everyone else did for the 2nd KPI cause Im not 100% sure im using the right formula? Ive got H0 > 255, H1 </= 255 a = 0.05, mean is $240.68 per booking per day but then im not sure how to/what I should get the SD from? Also are people calculating the spending per person per...
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    Pompeii and Herculaneum 10 marker

    Our teacher always said to mention both just in case you have a very picky marker, especially for a 10 mark question in which logically you shouldn't be able to get full marks unless you cover what is asked.
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    Commerce - 2nd Major

    I was looking at the Commerce handbook and am slightly confused about something. In the Breadth Component part it says to do 48 UOC made up of free electives and Gen Ed courses. And then further down it says: "Free electives account for up to 42 UOC (7 courses). At least one of these...
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    Econ 1101 3rd Online Quiz

    Just wondering if it hasnt come up for anyone else? Because the 1st and 2nd ones came up at teh start of the week for me but the third one still hasnt? Thanks
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    Am I screwed?

    Not at all. When I was in Year 12 we had an assessment that was worth 20/25% and the guy who was definitely the best in the class only got about 60% in it and he was pretty crushed. In the end though he ended up getting 96/7 for ancient. Even though he went shit in that assesment he was a beast...