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  1. horse9996

    Planning study

    How should I be going about planning my study/making a study timetable for HSC study effectively?
  2. horse9996

    1 or 2 related texts?

    How likely is it that they will ask for 2? Should I be learning 2?
  3. horse9996

    Study breaks

    What should I be doing in these?
  4. horse9996

    Formatting typed study notes

    Any tips?
  5. horse9996

    Remembering concepts/stuff for essays efficiently + effectively

    Any tips on this?
  6. horse9996

    Centering the essay around representation

    I have generic paragraphs/arguments/evidence, but I need to link it more to representation. Any tips?
  7. horse9996

    Mathematics Course Difficulty?

    It’s definitely achieveable but difficulty differs between people. Aim to study smart and its definitely within grasp!
  8. horse9996

    Getting back into study

    I've been sick this week, and it's made me super exhausted so I haven't been able to do any study. Any tips on getting back into it in the weekend, particularly with english (which requires the most brain cells for me)?
  9. horse9996

    95+ atar?

    Of course its still possible! Those are awesome marks, keep working hard and you can get there [emoji4]
  10. horse9996

    Can I still get Band 6s? Or am I screwed???

    A couple of my teachers have told me that people improve 10-15% from trials to the HSC. Just keep working hard and studying smart and you will get there :)
  11. horse9996

    Regaining momentum after trials

    I've been struggling regaining momentum after trials, particularly on the weekends. Any tips? I don't want to burn out but I don't want to do nothing
  12. horse9996

    People and politics concepts

    Either the avatar film trailer or the rabbits (probably this)
  13. horse9996

    People and politics concepts

    Also im doing brave new world
  14. horse9996

    Need advice on dropping subjects after Trials

    Depends on your actual mark as 4u scaling is insane
  15. horse9996

    People and politics concepts

    What are possible concepts for people and politics? I have power structures + control, and individual vs collective but I want to develop a third incase stuff doesn't fit to the question
  16. horse9996

    Should I take a break after trials?

    I finished on a tuesday and had to go back to school the day after. I highly recommend taking a break after working so hard, reward yourself! I did no work on that wednesday afternoon
  17. horse9996

    Chemistry yr11 prelim resources (urgent)

    Get the excel chem book
  18. horse9996

    Related texts for HSC Advanced English

    No I don’t think you can, including prescribed texts which you aren’t doing
  19. horse9996

    Systematic name of styrene

    Ethenylbenzene or benzylethene (I've seen both)?
  20. horse9996

    Composition and structure of the atmosphere

    What sort of exam questions do they ask on this?