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    Wedding Song.

    "That's All" the michael bublé version hehehe....i've already told just about all my friends n cousins that they can't steal my u think i sound a little psycho? oh well
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    spanish 2004

    yeh, but uruguayos and argentinos dont speak "proper" spanish...hehe...i know what you mean about your class mates making fun..when we had to read in spanish they'd laugh at the way i'd say words que tienen doble "llevar" cuz it would sound as if i said "yebar"..i was like get over it....
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    spanish 2004

    that happened to me as well...when i first started going to spanish in yr 11, i would write in spanish the same way i spoke..using "vos" instead of tu...but by yr 12, i was writing "proper" argentinian by the parents are like "you sound chilean"...its sad that i've lost my...
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    There's Something about Miriam...

    yeh, the camera was showing her/him getting some treatment thing and they focused down there and she was hiding something for a lump..but i reckon it has to be small because of all the female hormones shes been taking....its festy man
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    It's On!!!

    im not going to tafe until next year but i'll answer these anyway 1. im bored, very very bored...and i've been watching too many midday movies on channel 7...and too much oprah...but i work most nights at woolies so at least i get money to spend...but when i get home i watch big brother...
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    anyone for Hitchcock?

    yeh, i've watched psycho, the birds, rear window and north by northwest....the only reason i watched them was because we were studying hitchcock for english in yr 9..otherwise i never would have thought to watch it just for fun...the only one i really liked was rear window
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    Kiefer Sutherland's 24(warning:spoilers!!)

    i havent seen the whole of the 3rd series...but wasnt nina always a traitor?
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    spanish 2004

    probably parra high school again...the HSC speaking exams i mean
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    Crying before/during/after Exams

    i had tears welling up in my eyes during a math exam in yr 11...after that day i never bothered about math again..until i was in yr 12 and i actually did work for 3 weeks and then i never bothered again
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    the passion by mel gibson

    maybe mel gibson should have cast someone else as jesus cuz jim caviezel is too good looking and its weird watching jesus in that film and thinking hes a bit of alright
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    the passion by mel gibson

    i watched it a few weeks ago and i cried my eyes even made my cousin cry which is a rarity cuz she can be quite was really weird cuz you could hear people crying in the cinema..and there were even little kids watching that movie...
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    People who have dropped out or wanting to drop out

    dropped out of uni cuz i didnt like the course i was doing and wasnt sure what else i wanted to study so now im working and im either going to tafe next year or uni to study media and communication
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    wat a frickin disappointing game that was...
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    Study for Italian

    watch the italian news on sbs...if you can understand them then you should be alright in the listening part of the course
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    Your parents view on HSC

    my parents dissapprove of the HSC but nevertheless encouraged me to do my best...
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    songs your obssessing over

    so beautiful-pete murray...does anyone else think he has a totally sexy, manly voice? lol
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    Showing now...

    yeh, there arent many great movies out right now...i was gonna go to the cinema tomorrow so im trying to decide between 50 first dates or the passion..those are the only two that interest me somewhat
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    Paradise Hotel

    it isnt that great a show but its so funni...especially cuz everyone gets jealous (like zach and amy) but no one is really exclusively dating...
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    Planet of the apes

    i didnt like the new version of planet of the apes cuz it was very diff to the original...u know how one of the apes goes to mark walberg "get your hands off me you damn dirty human", in the original, charlton heston tells the ape"get your filthy hands off me you damn dirty ape" and the humans...
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    spanish 2004

    i reckon im pretty crap at speaking in spanish but i managed to get top marks for basically give your opinions on different topics like drugs or unemployment so it isnt very difficult after all. they want to see how well you express your opinions