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    Final Results (05s1)

    hey where can i find info about the chem resit? is there one? for a friend ciao
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    Final Results (05s1)

    Program: 3617 Nanotechnology UNSW Assessment Results for Semester 1 2005 Issued at Thu Jul 14 18:38:47 2005 ======================================================== Session Course Title Result ======================================================== S1...
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    Final Results (05s1)

    math 1141 63 - i know i shouldnt b happy compared to u guys...but i am! the 3 days of cramming worked!!!! ciao :-D
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    living on campus?

    wow. such an idiot...not used to looking at the dates...thanks though
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    living on campus?

    hey are you first year or second??? anyway im first year in baxter food is as decent as your ever gonna get it i spose soetimes good most times...edible. warrene (is that how you spell it>? ah who cares) is no girls = no good. new is really hard to get into - lotta smart ppl but also more pricey...
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    Past First Year Physics Papers

    Hey everyone, Well I am first year physics and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some past papers for electricity and magnetism???? I tried the UNSW sites but to no avail...any help will be greatly appreciated. ciao
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    Who Is Doing Nanotechnology At UNSW

    cool. what year are you all in? ciao
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    Brazilian Or Bo-ho

    women should at least have less hair down there i would shave/wax if a woman wanted me to - she would have to b my gf though ciao
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    Do chicks like to give more oral than to receive?

    well i am a guy but i think the male appendage is gross and i dont know how you girls give... that said i would give but i hate hair. its gross and gets everywhere and rough. kinda off putting ciao
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    Hugs or Kisses

    i love hugs!!!! Although i hate it when you are in the mood for a hug - for no apparent reason - and there is no one around that you can can be a real let down kisses are great but they cant be used for as many cases as hugs can be. well thats my say ciao
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    Who Is Doing Nanotechnology At UNSW

    Hey people, well i am in nanotechnology in sydney i just was wondering if there are any one from this site doing the same course.
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    Who's going to be in a Science degree 2005 @ UNSW??

    hey im doing bscience (nanotechnology) im still up on the goldcoast till sunday...should be interesting
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    2005 University Offers - Post them here (No spam)!

    b science (nanotechnology) @ UNSW - yay, first pref...cut off 80 this year last year 85 - thought it woulda gone up ciao
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    2004 HSC School Stats

    333 sick! go tweed river high :P omg public country schools suck@ lol (and i can say that coz i went there) ciao
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    Post your HSC Marks + UAI for SAM 04 results

    Chem: 66 ENa:83 EE1:37 EE2:31 ME1: 75 ME2: 72 Eco: 84 SAM 2003: 91.45 2004: 88.45
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    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    UAI: 88.45 i dont want to say anything else ill get into my course that i want so who cares heres what i got Units Courses Entered Examination Mark Assessment Mark HSC Mark Performance Band 2 Chemistry 66/100 65/100 66 3 2 Economics 82/100 85/100 84 5 2...
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    just wondering, what's your uai goal range & course preference?

    i think i have posted b4 but here it is again...i think ill get over 80. wanting to get over 90 - just coz that would be cool well thats it ciao.
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    Getting Results

    yeah im getting mine by sms which is good. especially since i cant get on the comp till later on in the day but dont you get the uai in the mail? or is it just on the UAC website?? i reallyt dont know ciao
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    Estimate your raw mark.

    15/20 mc - definite. at the very least 38/40 for sa - i totally killed them, it was about the stuff i actually studied for....yay!!!! but i screwed the e/r about 10 - 15 each worse case scenario - 73 - curious to see it gonna check best case scenario (wif 40/40 sa) 85 - not too...
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    Hot Sexy Babes Wanted

    i reckon this was the first evidence that glitterfairy's toxic nail polish was starting to i am wondering when is it going to get to me. ciao