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    How much lower is the required ATAR for courses at USYD by the final round

    Final cut off for my Bachelor of Economics was around 92.5, I got 89.75 I think and still got in.
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    too many people aiming for 99.95?

    99.95 = in top 0.05% of the cohort, usually there's about 50,000 and there needs to be a significant change for there to be just 1 more person admitted to that band, so its been set at 47-48 people per year. just get into that group :P May the 74th hunger games begin
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    To drop maths or to not?

    For my 5 main assessments tasks, i got something like 3 40%'s, 1 55ish% and then for calculus an 85%, that was enough to bring my entire average up to 69 (lol - but just under B4 :( ), however I was pressured to drop it most of the time Funny thing is for a bachelor of economics, calculus has...
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    Impact of outliers

    Explained another way - 4 terms of school are spent fighting tooth and nail hunger games style to have a) have the highest mark (will help the class at the end), and b) have the highest rank (will help you personally), then the actual HSC exams are basically a team effort - you want everyone to...
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    Impact of outliers

    First year of bachelor of economics they teach the the basics of the statistical methods used to calculate ATARS and do scaling, + I read something from the BOS or UAC. Basically put an outlier that is high enough relative to everything else will just bring the average mark (relative to...
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    Socialist Alternative Nuisances?

    Haha they said the same to me, guess it was bad luck that I'd just got a Band 6 in Modern History studying Soviet Russia and Leon Trotsky.... the guy would randomly shoot 1 in 10 conscripted soldiers to instill fear and gain unconditional obedience. He may have been just as bad as Stalin had...
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    Socialist Alternative Nuisances?

    Sums up everything I was thinking and was curious if it were the general opinion (y) And I too (believe) am tolerant of opposing political views, I just don't try to shut them down like SA
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    Entry to USYD

    Regarding USYD: Also if you get B4 or higher in Maths AND English they'll let you in if you're within 5 points of the cut off The cut off was around 91 or 92 this year, I got 89.7 and got in with a B3 in 2 unit maths, I'm guessing cause I came first in my economics class with a hsc mark of 94...
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    Socialist Alternative Nuisances?

    I haven't exactly had any interaction with them, care to share?
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    Socialist Alternative Nuisances?

    Just wondering what the general consensus is on thoughts about those socialist alternative muppets? Considering I'm doing a B. Economics I'm bred to dislike them but even on the way they act and carry on I don't like them, what about you guys?
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    textbook question

    You're doing medicine, a course that requires the utmost discipline to study for an achieve to get in, yet can't handle the immaturity of me name? hahahahaha
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    textbook question

    In the interest of somewhat recouping the fortune I spent on (used) textbooks, would it reduce their resale value if I covered them in clear contact to protect the covers? Yes they're already 2nd hand, but they're all in excellent condition, I could easily convince someone that I bought them...
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    Academic Honesty Test: Mandatory?

    I'm doing CLAW1001, and I believe all business students or anyone doing a business subject MUST do it, even though it doesn't count towards our grade
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    How safe is Redfern?

    I had to run through redfern in my Onesie at 11:30 on wednesday after the O week party, felt safe :P There were some others also walking to the station, i reckon they were more scared - a crazy guy in a crocodile onesie is sprinting towards you hahahaha
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    Backpack woes

    ^^^ My exact thoughts! Since I didn't wanna walk around all day in a onesie :P So better bring a back pack
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    So i changed the 11 hour long day on my 2 day time table to this 3 day one, so now i get thursday afternoons off but friday mornings on :( what do you guys think?
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    Never been in a relationship?

    I started my (first) relationship in Feburary of year 12, and she went to another school, so only got to see her once maybe twice a week (there were a few exceptions as i got use to school :P) Managed to make it last 11 months, survived the entire HSC and still got an ATAR of 90 :D So yes...
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    I know its not easy, but its an area that I seem talented and motivated in (And have a strong family history related to Professors etc overseas) So I'm not exactly concerned with the difficulty so much. My extra curricular stuff fits fine with having 1 day off, i'm just wondering if being at...
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    ID Card Questions

    Lol i did mine like an entire week after enrollment - still got the email saying its all good :)
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    I was hoping for a distinction average just to keep open the possibility of adding a Bachelor of Laws in 2nd year....